The funeral of Dmitry Marjanova brought a wreath with a mysterious inscription

The funeral of Dmitry Marjanova was held in the chapel of the Holy Prince Vladimir at the Khimki cemetery. Buried artist on 18-m, far a forest plot. The Khimki cemetery is quite old. Now here are resolved only family graves. The actor will be laid to rest next to Galina Georgievna, and Margarita I. Marjanovi.

photo: Svetlana Finds

In this part of the cemetery burial was made in 1961 – 64 – years. For nearly 60 years, it is time to grow large spruce and birch. Many graves were in very poor condition, marble statues and benches overgrown with moss. Therefore, fences of graves near the grave of Dmitry Marjanova were covered with black cloth and lined with spruce branches.

The grave of the artist inside was decorated with black and red cloth.

Plot before burial urgently cleared. On the paths between the graves brought and poured fresh sand.

While Dmitry’s funeral in the chapel at the cemetery, the area in front of the tomb of the covered artificial green track.

On special pedestals were exhibited numerous wreaths. On the ribbon was written: “the independent theatrical project”, “Beloved son”, “Beloved brother”, “the Bright memory of the children and parents of the centre “Leader Khim” and his friends”. One of the wreaths was marked with the inscription: “We will live with you in a small hut,” and signed “…yours.”

Of the machines continued to unload the flowers. White and red roses filled the whole table, and they continued and continued to wear.

The funeral ended, the coffin was moved to a pedestal near the grave. Relatives and friends touching farewell to the actor and holding his hand, leaning close, whispered something sacred, venerated the icon on his chest and the crown on his forehead.

photo: Svetlana Finds

The priest began to sing the “Trisagion”, properly called the angelic song, “Holy God, Holy mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.”

The coffin with the body of the artist put on a special Elevator and slowly began to lower into the grave. When those present began to throw clods of earth flew squally wind and covered all the yellow leaves.

“This is Dima said goodbye to us,” murmured the woman in black.

“Here you are, and with the cross, symbol of salvation,” said a burly man in leather jacket, putting rose from an eight-pointed cross on the grave of Dmitry Maryanova.

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