The molecular soup recipe: in Moscow has passed competition of prison chefs

Potato liquid, “grave”! — very honestly declares distributor of food, the so-called balancer, in the corridors of detention facilities. — Dinner, soup will take? The hands of the chamber “air vents” habitually substitute aluminum and plastic large bowls (trucks). Food…

What you eat today, prisoners in a Moscow prison? And who prepares a meal for them? All of this can be seen in the competition cooks-convicts, held UFSIN across Moscow.

Photo: Press-service UFSIN across Moscow.

“Grave” is a boiled fish, whiting or Pollock, boiled into dust, looks like after a grenade mixed with her sticking out bones. “Vegetable ragout” of pasta mixed with barley, sauerkraut on the first and second… Semolina unexpectedly… with a herring. What could a few years ago to count, inmates of Moscow detention facilities, and what is left in the past. Today’s food issued to them, already struggling to turn the language to call gruel. It is mostly not only edible, but delicious. A breakthrough in the field of quality food for these years was made a huge. It is recognized by PMC members that paid once attention to the need to improve the quality of the food.

In line with this undeniable improvement on October 17, the day before the Day in Moscow held a competition of cooks convicted of units hotplug working in the kitchens of six of the Moscow detention centers. It was held at the fourth prison, the Bear, the catering Department which is traditionally considered the best.

The work of cooks in the prison — complex. They need to prepare Breakfast, lunch and dinner is not for two and not for five, but a thousand or two thousand people. Food is cooked in huge vats, fried on huge pans. At the competition, chefs were given a rare opportunity to Express their individuality, and away from the routine of catering.

Photo: Press-service UFSIN across Moscow.

Six prisoners, five men and one girl, have demonstrated their professional skills. Members of the jury, employees of the Federal penitentiary service for Moscow, after watching the process of cooking and tasting dinner, chose the winners, setting scores according to three criteria: appearance and skill of the cook, making dishes and their flavoring properties.

The contestants had been given the same set of products, which and making dinner in insulators: Pollock, potatoes, onions, carrots, vegetable oil. A little beyond the statutory — spices, herbs, sauces — convicts brought from their prison and divided among themselves, seasoning each was free to choose himself. It seemed, and prepared meals will be boring the same, but it turned out otherwise. And design, and the taste surprised by its diversity, each chef brought him something different, original and unique. Six very different dishes from the ordinary fish and potatoes!

Flashed with astonishing grace and virtuosity knives, hissing frying pans, for prisoners genuinely hurt representatives of educational services, insulators, encouraging and experiencing, giving advice or silently clutching for their patronage fists.

Cook-girl (second place) has prepared baked fish and potatoes carved in the shape of mushrooms. The convict cook-Korean managed just over an hour to Supplement a figure laid out on a platter the fish is the real carrot in Korean, and the first place according to the jury has got convicted, announced his dish — the fish, freed from bones and shredded, with exquisite taste — as the “cooking at the molecular level.”

Photo: Press-service UFSIN across Moscow.

All participants received certificates from the UFSIN for Moscow, and all present — enjoy the excitement of competition, communicate with each other and food tastings, which may well have drawn on the works of culinary art. And this was not hypocrisy: the food is not for competitions, and prisoners do better, this is confirmed by numerous and fair polls Moscow prisoners, their comments and appreciation.

Prison is not a resort, and canteen not a restaurant. Then routine the pipeline. Here to have time to bake bread and clean out potato “eyes” from night to peel the potatoes at all, to clean the chaff, but to boil the pasta not sticky to the dinner, not to tenderize would be sausages, and be accepted for the dinner. But manifested in the competition cooks hope that the term “gruel”, and with it the “grave” buried in the past forever. And culinary holiday in SIZO-4 under the auspices of the Federal penitentiary service in Moscow — not the end, but a milestone on the way let him not to refined but high-quality and decent food, on which all regions is equal.

Photo: Press-service UFSIN across Moscow.

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