The Muscovite turned into a torch, suffering from unrequited love

In the human torch became a Muscovite, who in an apartment on the street Novogireevskaya poured on his head thinner and struck a match, on the afternoon of 17 October. After the treatment of burns doctors will therapy mental state of the patient.


As it became known “MK” in the fateful day an old mother of 39-year-old Sergei (man was not working) asked to do the Laundry, and she went to the room to rest (the woman more than 20 years of suffering from diabetes). Get off the couch made a noise and burning smell. The pensioner went out into the corridor and was stunned — here from side to side, rushing her son who was burning the hair.

The lady rushed into the bathroom and took a bucket of water and put out the flames from his head. Then called an ambulance. While doctors went, she asked her son what happened. It turns out, the man took the solvent (he was standing in the closet with washing powder), spraying caustic liquid and set on fire the hair. To the question — why he did it, Sergei chose to remain silent. Doctors hospitalized the wounded to the hospital, the patient burns of 1-2 degrees.

Pensioner suggests that this step son pushed an unsuccessful life. On the psychiatrist Muscovite was standing with the age of 8, then state of health is normal, Sergey even served in the army. Mental balance was broken not so long ago because of the collapse of personal life — Sergei threw the girl he dated for 6 years and was planning to start a family. The Muscovite has become alcohol and drug addicts. From addictions in a few years managed to escape, but the wound wouldn’t heal. Sergey also forgot to take pills prescribed by doctors, and therefore there was a failure.

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