“The state Duma adopted the law on simplification of registration of SP and legal entities

– The Russian state Duma on Wednesday adopted in the third and final reading a bill simplifying the registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (PI), submitting documents for registration electronically through the multifunctional center (MFC).

Current law allows you to send documents to the MFC electronically, but confirming the registration of documents on issues in paper form to the applicant in person, by mail or via the MFC.

This bill allows FNS to send documents by e-mail of the applicant.

According to the law, the provision in the DCP of documents for registration of the centre on the next working day to send them to the tax office. After the expiration of the period prescribed by law for registration, the IRS must send the decision by e-mail of the legal person or entrepreneur, as well as in the MFC.

The applicant will be able to in the DCP confirming the registration of the documents on paper.

The bill also contains amendments aimed at harmonizing the order of consideration of documents submitted to FNS electronically through MFC and in paper form by mail.

It is assumed that the provisions of the bill in terms of electronic interaction with the IFC and the applicants will enter into force after 180 days from the date of publication of the bill.

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