The threat to Russia’s sovereignty: the court accepted the claim by Siemens on the Crimean turbines

The arbitration court of Moscow has accepted to consideration a counterclaim of “Technopromexport” (subsidiary of “Rostec) to the German company Siemens. The suit said the contract of the German company for the supply of gas turbines, which subsequently appeared in the Crimea, contained a threat to the sovereignty and security of Russia.


“The court made a ruling on the acceptance of the counterclaim for joint consideration”, — RIA Novosti quoted judge Ekaterina Abramova. Both lawsuits from Siemens, and “daughter” of “Rostec” will be considered only on 2 November.

Counter-claim of the Russian company studied the RBC. According to the newspaper, the Russian side intends to challenge three provisions of the contract, which prohibit the supply of turbines for the construction in the Crimea power plants, arguing that they violate the “rule of law”.

So, the Presidium of the Supreme arbitration court of Russia forbade actions that harm the sovereignty or security of the country and affect the interests of large social groups, or violate the constitutional rights.

According to buyers, Siemens, forbidding the delivery of the turbines in the Crimea, wanted to “force the Russian company to fulfill the EU sanctions, and this directly threatens the sovereignty of Russia”, said the interlocutors RBC.

In addition, these German items violate the principle of unity of economic space and contrary to the interests of the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol.

Siemens position is that the four turbines, designed for power plants in the Krasnodar region, were moved to the Crimea in defiance of Western sanctions. In July, the company filed a lawsuit against “Technopromexport”, in which he asked to recognize illegal the contract and return the installation.

Meanwhile, the newspaper “Kommersant” wrote earlier that the scheme by which the structure of Rostec was able to deliver the units to the Crimea to bypass the restrictions, leaves German concern “little chance to challenge it in court.”

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