The veterans of intelligence agencies assessed the threat of terrorists the world Cup

Supporters of the banned terrorist organization ISIS published on the Internet a propaganda poster with threats to organize terrorist attacks during the world Cup. This publication reports The Daily Mail. However, the news Agency jihadists “Amak” denies participation of the management group to the production of the poster. Who could be behind these threats and how they need to respond, find out the “MK” from their experts.

Sergey Goncharov. Photo: a frame from the video.

The poster shows an armed fighter standing in front of the stadium, krasivaea red. Next to him is a bombshell and the inscription in Russian: “Wait for us”. At the event, which is threatening the terrorist with a poster that indicates the symbol of the championship. The media that published it is art, not yet determined who is behind all this propagandists of ISIS (a terrorist group banned in Russia and other countries) or someone under their disguises.

“MK” asked their experts — veterans of the security services.

Veteran units “alpha” Sergey Goncharov considers the following: “Before the Olympics in Sochi many of our opponents have published appeals to athletes from their countries not to go to Russia, because there will not be able to provide security. Frightened by the fact that Sochi is adjacent to the Caucasus, calling it a hotbed of terrorism. All these cries lasted long, despite the assurances of our security services and assurances of the President that the safety of athletes and guests of the Olympic games will be ensured at the highest level. And what do we see? The Olympics passed without incident, and the world community recognize that the security she was the best of all that passed ever. Now, in my opinion, something similar happens — we see again, as our opponents employ certain athletes, coaches, who said that in Russia everyone is waiting for danger. I guess the source of these threats, you need to look for somewhere in this area.”

General, retired FSB Alexander Mikhailov considers several possible causes of the message with threats:

– First, any public is a significant event, accompanied by a large number of threats coming from a variety of sources and sometimes unexpected reasons. We were faced with the facts, when in preparation for serious threats were made by people who are not able to achieve some justice. You can say that any public event is the object of blackmailing the authorities.

Second, terrorist organizations that are in a difficult condition, always and in any way try not to leave his glade. One of their methods of permanent marking themselves online. We are not just faced with the facts, when ISIS took responsibility for committing any of the crimes, which the militants had no relationships. This message can also be something like a promotion of their activities. If there is something unforeseen, they will say: we warned you, stay now even stronger.

And third, we are leading today a very successful action against terrorists in Syria. In such cases, comes into force the law of communicating vessels — here crushed, there jumped. When we create a region of high pressure in the zone of the counterterrorist operation, the squeezing of terrorists somewhere. Some of the survivors can move to the rear of the fighting army. There they can look around to identify weaknesses. But then again we are talking about the fanatics are not those people who fight for money. And the only form of dealing with them — destruction. With them, the dialogue, negotiations, beliefs do not apply to them, the compromises they do not recognize. They have destroyed everything regardless of where they’re at”.

– For special services such a message is a call to action?

They have to deal with those who are really behind these threats. Intelligence agencies are always working against the enemy — to obtain information about his plans, intentions, trying to implement some kind of sabotage or terrorist acts, taking appropriate action. They work hard, and having certain information and realizing it on the stage of development or attempted a terrorist attack. What appeared on the Internet, it is, in my opinion, not a demonstration of intentions. It is rather the illustration of the worldview of the people who post such things. In any case, they need to respond. This is at least a form of complicity to terrorism. Even the dissemination of such information is a solution to those issues dealt with the terrorists is to sow terror, to withdraw from the mental and moral equilibrium of people who saw something, start looking around.

– How people should treat it?

I would say, with a dose of philosophy – we have already passed not just the way of threats and blackmail. Then, you need to trust the intelligence services, which idly sit, all these statements are in their field of vision. Intelligence agencies have a very well established pattern of preparation to mass gatherings. They have means of defense, training commandos and special forces. The approach of such events is accompanied by a mandatory investigation of each business employee his base to check and recheck again all of the available materials. To those who are in control, have not committed anything. Our intelligence, as we see, eat their bread not for nothing — work efficiently, prevent attacks on a regular basis. But by the citizens also do not need to sit idly by — because many of the facts related to serious crimes are known to all, but no it did not try to help intelligence agencies at an early stage to expose, to prevent the tragedy.

– What you need to pay attention to?

– All. Not just for suspicious people and items you want to filter and their environment. Many, for example, rent apartments, and who lives there — it is not always clear because rent one, live in other. There is a procedure for persons arriving in the territory of the Russian Federation, it is associated with their registration, their employment. If people came to work, it should work. If not, then the question arises: what lives? Then, each profession has its own characteristics that allow people engaged in a particular field, to do some of his insights. Relatively speaking, a man came to the store to buy several mechanisms for electronic hours. It may, of course, he produces and Souvenirs. But it may not Souvenirs. The seller can ask this question. Definitely need to trust your gut. If there is a sense of danger, suspicion, you don’t need to hide it,you need to report it. It is better to do something and regret than not do and regret.

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