Want to hurt them: the British neo-Nazi was gay and a Jew

One of the leaders of the British radical nationalist party “national front” Kevin Wilshaw has made a sensational confession. He not only called racism garbage, but declared to the whole country that he was gay and a Jew.

photo: youtube.com

About their Jewish origin and sexual orientation Wilshaw, consisting in the “National front” for 40 years, said in an interview with Channel 4 News.

A former neo-Nazi has admitted that his mother was half Jewish, and his real name is Benjamin. And if his Jewish origin Wilshaw to accept something could then be attacked by their “allies,” who suspected him of homosexuality, was much more difficult.

Once the hatred of the companions turned against itself Wilshaw, the views of men have changed dramatically. “I know cases when people were beaten up just because they are black. But it was disgusting to nausea, this is what has turned my mind,” said he.

The Briton also said that he feels extremely guilty and wants to fight against his former comrades. “I want to hurt them. Those who spread this garbage [racist ideology], who lives a lie and is on the hook of this propaganda. I want to hurt them,” said the man.

Wilshaw in the 1980-ies was one of the founders, and then the leaders of the British “National front”. In the early 1990-ies he was detained by police for vandalism at the mosque, and in March 2017 for inciting hatred on the Internet.

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