“18+” are obsolete

On the background of the trial of Serebrennikov and To the left malozamechennyj much more significant news about the draft law of the Ministry of culture, which will soon be submitted for consideration to the state Duma. If before the cut-off age 6+, 12+, 18+ would be purely Advisory in nature, but now — according to the Director of the legal Department of the Ministry of culture Ms. Romashova — theatrical and entertainment events will be legally prohibited to allow room for persons under the age of 18 (if there is a limit 18+). Thus, in case of doubt — as in the sale of alcohol and tobacco — the controllers of tickets you will require a passport.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The news is very unpleasant, first and foremost for parents. For the sake of objectivity I, as someone who regularly walks with his 8-year-old daughter to concerts, plays and shows, I can say that the General background is not so much spectacle coming with the mark 18. It must be something extremely wild, like the concert of the Cord, because even on challenging the perception of “Crime and punishment” in musical Theatre, pogroms and girls of easy virtue, the recommendation is 12+, and the battle of Oxymoron — 16+. It would seem — what is fear?

But in principle it is disgusting that every step, every slap necessarily fall under any normative act that society ideally should self-regulate, to know what is good and what is bad, and if speculative contract is not working and whenever I sneeze appear laws — then such a society is half-life, it itself is not holding in the wholeness and harmony.

Specifically, it is readily apparent the further chain of events: first, the passport is for 18+, then — as usual — to begin the claim of “active parents”, that shows 12+ and 16+ that they do not shows, and these shows away from sin will move to grade 18+ (a few years ago it was removed from billboards like the play “the Doll” at the circus on Vernadsky — there, you see, was an infernal end, no happy ending, which aroused the anger of individual citizens: they came to have fun, and then make them think). In parallel with this — and we have most of the cultural institutions dependent on the state — everyone will begin to run ahead of the engine, requesting at the entrance of the birth certificate for age 8+, 12+ and so on.

Only recently there was a scandal with the Bolshoi theatre, when the “Swan” protection is not allowed children under 12 years of age. Because it was the only such case in many years and this is the type of Grand theatre, where beautiful chandeliers hang, for which there most walks — the public ate it up, loud Buchi is not raised. And for good reason. For now, this rejection of children and the widespread humiliation on the entrance will turn into the norm. We are only a couple of years ago, the child passed all of this on the example of the metro: “How? This girl of 6 years? She ten that you are deceiving me, for a fool?! The ticket can’t buy? Money is a pity?” I’ll be in the opposite direction: “Is she 12? Yes, look at her — shorter than a dwarf, lapwing, right under her Desk one more to go! What did she show?” This is Russia, gentlemen. The inputs are the usual guys and ladies. They say do not let go, they are happy to feel Putin for an hour.

There are two key points. First. Parents need to trust. Children their area of responsibility, they know better than their children, and don’t need them with this responsibility removed, shifting it to a spectacular organization. I understand that now is the time for civil marriages and “Sunday dads” who come to visit the child once a month in the output and “so cheap and nasty” pull out the popcorn for some kind of “Pirates of the Caribbean” type of care Chad, pass the leisure. Nevertheless, to take responsibility is dangerous, it is morally castrated, makes the parent is incomplete, impersonal, it is a matter of principle.

Second. Children are now very difficult. My eight-year-old daughter not cool that children’s play room is Packed belting out, meddling children, who with their vanity takes a lot of energy (and, by the way, are breeding grounds for disease). But coming to the musical theatre Shvydkoi, she considers each lady in an evening toilet — her heels, hair, dress, manners. It’s an entirely different comfort zone. And area of perception. But we have no experts to the subject to seriously, competently mixed audience.

As a critic, held at the movies of the French “new wave” and other high-prevysoky, I never thought it will love the “cheap Hollywood” for one very important thing: they masterfully created and fill a niche so-called “film for family viewing”, so initially this is not a movie for kids, though, and with obligatory participation of the hero of the child; but the themes are addressed very difficult — a court showdown between the parents (as in “Gifted”), drudgery in a boarding school (as in the musical “Annie”) and so on. Only the films — and not “the snow Maiden” — talking with children on the topics and language that they need in the modern world.

In our film this was “Ghost” with Bondarchuk, the daughter watched it five times; but, excuse me, the tape starts with the fact that the hero of a novel drunk gets into an accident and dies, marching forward in the story as dead. And that, I want to ask him now the law will hang the label of 18+? Daughter watched Gella naked, running around the room on “the Master and Margarita” at the theatre Zhenovach, there we, too, will no longer be allowed? A naked woman — Oh, the horror! And on “Juno” and “Avos” loud firing of the gun is also impossible? I have a request to mikulowski legislators: you children (grandchildren) to votsap look like and what they talk to each other, then stupid laws does not make.

There is a natural order of things: the number of children 5-12 years at the evening adult performances every year inevitably added and added Nothing and no culture can not do this. I’m not talking about the banal reason — sometimes really no one with whom to leave the child. But the main thing — the adequacy of what is happening outside the window. And if five years ago, on other performances of my daughter as a child was sitting alone, dangling his legs, now we can talk about the percentage: sometimes up to 10% of the audience is Pre age! This is the reality, open your eyes. This phenomenon should be studied, not banned. I’m afraid that even the old man the Cord one will say: “Ah, I can do this” — go on the offense against yourself, throw a signature Mat to lower qualification and to pursue a new audience new free people.

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