“Abyzov suggested not to penalize a large business for the first violation

The Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov has offered the first administrative offense is not to penalize big business, and to confine the warning, as is the case for small businesses.

“Now concerning small businesses, there is a norm, in which the first violation is punishable by a warning. No such rules in the audit of large businesses. In this case, we similarly propose to extend this approach to the entire business environment. We believe that it is effective without defining the scale and size of the enterprise,” said Abyzov at hearings in the state Duma, dedicated to the reform of control and Supervisory activities.

Thursday in the lower house of Parliament was the so-called “zero” hearings of the draft law to reform the system of state control. According to the Minister, “in the present law is not fully satisfied parties.”

“I can say that many times at meetings, on the one hand, the supervisors think this law is very liberal and does not allow to fully realize somewhere including power functions for preventing damage to life and health of citizens. On the other hand, the business says that this law is very tough. It’s probably an indication that he absorbed and identified the middle ground, where was found the right balance,” – said Mikhail Abyzov.

The Minister added, the bill as there are separate sections that need to be improved.

“Today’s parliamentary hearings and expert meetings, which we conduct at the state Duma, intended to assist developers, me and my colleagues to make the law more perfect, to Refine it. Including in the subsequent discussion in the Parliament on the results of observations that will be made”, – he said.

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