Alenichev wish “Spartak” good luck to the fans missed the Champions League

Alenichev in the football Krasnoyarsk — almost a deity. Although the reason why only in football and why “almost”? When the taxi driver found out why my colleague Pavel Lysenkov of “Sovsport” we go to the arena, where trains and plays “Yenisei”, then immediately said, “Give great thanks Mr President for making the whole town believe we can play in the Premier League. Yes, do not just go out this last season could have been done, namely play!”

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Actually, why “Yenisei” is not only the leader in the standings of the national Football League (FNL), the second level division of the country, but is considered one of the most spectacular and the playing teams, becomes clear as soon as you start to look at training the team.

– You in the arena not only breathe well unlike some other, but to play the players, apparently, nice…

– Yes, the atmosphere here is wonderful. In all senses. Breathe really well, and the team was really perfect. Serious heads — General Director Denis Rubtsov already seen?

– Even talked. With such a head of the mountain to collapse!

– Then you know what I mean. Well, the team is good. None of the guys we do not need Yegor Ilyich (Titov — A. L.) extra time to explain that our goal is the Premier League.

And in many clubs are afraid of change, do not want to go anywhere…

It is certainly not about “Yenisei”. We are not only the leaders, but the players with ambition. And speaking of the arena — I’m not just talking about the quality of the field, although it is excellent, but did you notice how it’s wide? As “cap Nou”, consider…

– Well playing teams such easier. As it does in the arena. Remember the “Spartacus” of Soviet times.

– Yes, we Titov, too, about it remembered. As the matches of the Commonwealth Cup in which we have participated.

– About “Spartacus”, by the way: match with Sevilla winning seen?

– Well, of course! As a miss? Set the alarm, woke up at night (consider the 4-hour time difference between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk — A. L.) and looked at everything inside and out. The game, and the atmosphere in the stadium — fantastic! Remember our victory over Rosenborg in ‘ 95, when we also scored 4 goals in the second half. And because a strong opponent defeated: “Seville” by the way, I also liked playing team. To me she’s prettier than atlético, for example… Very happy for Spartak fans, they also missed, not only by participation in the Champions League, but such victories. We wish the team good luck and hope to see Spartak in the winter in the playoffs!

Krasnoyarsk — Moscow.

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