Brad pitt had an affair with a former colleague of Angelina Jolie

Foreign tabloids buried the hope for the reunion of the most famous Hollywood couple — brad pitt and Angelina Jolie. According to press reports, the actor has recovered from his mental illness and started a new romance with a girl old enough to be his daughter.

photo: AP

53-year-old pitt started Dating 21-year-old British actress Ella Purnel. Reporters noted that the couple practically does not leave.

Moreover, pitt was able to place the girl in your film project: he appears in it as a producer, Ella also got one of the main roles.

? black like my soul

The publication of Ella Purnell (@ella_purnell) Aug 1 2017 11:51 PDT

It is noted that the Angelina Jolie react to the novel ex-husband with skepticism, as the new mistress pitt’s only five years older than their adopted son. Special piquancy of the situation makes the fact that Jolie and Pernel managed to work on a film set.

In the film “Maleficent”, the British played the role of the heroine as a child, and Jolie is in adulthood.

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