“Canadian “Magnitsky act” came into force

The law affects members of the Russian government and forbids them entry into the country

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau speaks in the house of absinte: Reuters

– Approved by the house of Commons and Senate of Canada “the law on victims of corrupt foreign governments” or “law name of Sergei Magnitsky” was in Wednesday’s Royal assent and came into force.

“The law S226, the Senate and house of Commons, received Royal assent,” – said in a message posted on Twitter canadian Senate.

In addition, the relevant information is posted on the website of the Parliament of Canada.

Earlier, “law name of Sergei Magnitsky” was passed by the lower and upper houses of the Parliament of Canada.

The law provides for personal sanctions against officials from Russia and Venezuela, Iran, Myanmar and Vietnam. They will be denied entry to Canada, and their assets in the country frozen.

The adopted law is similar to the American “Magnitsky act” signed in 2012 by former President Barack Obama.

One thought on ““Canadian “Magnitsky act” came into force

  1. Oskar

    Sad, so ducking sad, after 42 years in this country I am now a witness to the total surrender of our political class to empire.
    A political class with active moles in it, like our FM , who wants to “help” Ukraine against Russia. Doesn’t any body in this country have a brain anymore? Where was the NDP in all this? Did not even put up a fight? I guess the NDP is guided by the NEW leader. And that tells me is time to build a real socialist democratic party in this country . Lets do it now!


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