CSKA – “Basel”: the longing on Sand street

That CSKA are favorites of reporting meetings, “MK” talked even before the starting whistle, so the final score on the scoreboard (0:2) was not a surprise. Neither the native field with the loyal fans in the stands, nor the Supreme importance of the tournament match with the main competitor for a spot in the playoffs could not change the situation. But the reality turned out much worse than expected.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The game CSKA loaded army of admirers, and with them many millions watched the match on TV football fans in deep anguish. Not Opera, but with the accent on the second syllable. The one that is able to drive even inveterate optimist into depression. Great adds butter to the fire of fan irritation and a stunning contrast to the others ligachampion the match, played a day earlier, in which arch rivals the red-blue — Spartacus — the brightest have achieved overwhelming victory over a formidable Sevilla. The victory, which they have achieved thanks primarily fighting spirit and character. Because what was lacking on Wednesday evening, the players of CSKA.


Something like that in the game CSKA we have already seen in the September match against “Manchester United”. Losing to Manchester United first 0:1, and then 0:2 and 0:3 of the game figure army remained consistently passive-indifferent. And only in the end of the meeting, when the British took the lead 4:0 and relaxed, a welcome ray of light flashed released in the last 5 minutes of a young Kostya Kuchaev, respocible the same score in the 90th minute of the match. This time, however, was altogether hopeless, although the opponent is from Switzerland, with all due respect to him, not like the English Grand. The players never once not got for the entire match in goal Tomasz Warlike. But the most unpleasant that they have shown no desire to do so. At least such that could be seen from the stands.

It would be foolish to assume that the army didn’t want to win. CSKA absolutely deserved being called the most strong-willed and distinctive team in the Premier League, at least the last five years. Remember how absolutely equal matches CSKA won on the veins, how many winning goals scored in the last minute. It is simply impossible to believe in a lack of motivation among the players, among whom was Timur Zhamaletdinov, and Fedor Chalov, and the already mentioned Kuchaev. Each of this trio has not yet outgrown the youth team and only to get acquainted with the main European club tournament. And while this acquaintance can be called useful, but not exactly pleasant.


Fans are quick to violence. And in such a temperamental game like football step from love to hate is even shorter than in ordinary life. That do not spare the fans of red-blue scathing critical arrows at the address of your favorite club after the defeat against Basel. Got to nuts and the players and coaching staff, and most of all the strikes had to take President Giner. Not bought, say, Eugene Lenorovitz new players, strengthened the team for the Champions League, reaching the final stage of which is CSKA, as, indeed, all the other 32 participants, based on substantial prize. Put, say, President of the money under the mattress, like you’ve done a stash away from the eyes of a grumpy wife.

Match with “Basel” rather quickly forgotten, the fans emotions calm down, and Giner will once again be loved and respected. It is not the attempt of the author of these lines

army to protect the President just before the moment when it happened of course, but the objectivity of the views on the incident. Similar to the outcome of the meeting with the Swiss to predict was not difficult, as “MK” and talked for a couple of days before the match. It’s not even in short bench and personnel problems of the army. And not in the infirmary, lately crowded with regulars, and in the match, which was played 4 days before the meeting with the Swiss. That victory in Krasnodar was forced red-blue, produced on the computation of more than 100 percent and in terms of physics and in terms of emotions. As for the favor of Fortune, then CSKA in the game with the “bulls” not just completely emptied their reserves of luck, but still decently got into debt. To play two such games in less than a week, and with the same dedication and emotional energy is not capable of any club in the world. And exceptions do not happen here. CSKA were emasculated, exhausted in all senses to the limit. Hence flowed the easy predictability of not only the result of the match with Basel, but the style of play of Victor Gancharenko.


Another important point that influenced the outcome of the meeting was the lack of leadership in attacking play CSKA. For vitinho, dial in the matches of the Premier sports of arrogance, and is increasingly drawing the blanket over himself, to a similar role in the Champions League is not ready yet. Count on boldness is the youths especially is not necessary. Hence the modesty of the army in the opponent’s half of the field, which many after the final whistle called cowardice. Leave out the final five minutes, when CSKA is trying to save more than the match, and his own face, bared rear and could miss not 1, but 3-4 goals. Was not a part of the player who at least dared to try to go in a bold stroke or would have tried without the help of partners frantic rush to the Swiss recess. The only one who tried to do it was… Ignashevich.

Remember how there was a first goal against CSKA. Sergey, while with the ball around the Central circle, had at least 4 versions of the attack — two free partner on each of the flanks, but have chosen the adventurous sequel, making forward pass the exact center. With the interception of this transmission and started kicking counterattack Basel ended the game-winning goal Taulant Jake. I think the 38-year-old defender in the game clouded minds? And it seemed to me that this was the first and eventually the last moment, when the players ventured in the name of the points and victory. Complete the transfer, and the attack could be very promising. Ignashevich went for broke and lost. Neither before nor after that, none of the army is no longer in danger, which ultimately led to a dismal zero in the column “shots on goal”.


The classic question: what’s next? Even if not to take into account not the best state, which already announced reasons remains CSKA Moscow out of the group looks fantastic. For this you need to be above Basel, which is not enough to win in Switzerland in 2 weeks. So the probability of getting the team to the playoffs tend to zero. For comforting trips in the Europa League is necessary not to lose in Moscow Benfica, so the match of the 5th round with the Portuguese will be red and blue the determining factor in terms of the spring European prospects.

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