Defenders of Medina in a scandal with a thesis urgently spoke to the press

On 20 October, the Presidium of the Higher attestation Commission (HAC) should finally put an end to the biggest story around the doctoral thesis of Medinsky Minister that a number of scientists for more than a year requires recognition of the unscientific. On the eve of this momentous event, the scandal has reached its climax. The facts have surfaced, indicating that the procedure is protection in 2011 was held with gross violations, which in themselves are the basis for deprivation of the head of the Ministry of culture of the doctoral degree. At the moment, been put in question even the very fact that Medina 6 years ago has defended the dissertation. And the actions of the HAC may, in the case of confirmation of all the circumstances of the case to qualify as a forgery.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Recently two scientists, a historian, referred to as the opponents in the dissertation Medinsky, said that they were not and the protection is not performed. In addition, several members of the HAC told the public that I do not remember that in 2011 to them for examination did the work of Medina. One of the former members of the Council — Victoria Ukolova, said that the first discussion of the thesis it was decided to postpone, and then it never took place, however a doctorate to the Minister of culture was awarded.

After the disclosure of the Ministry of culture to urgently presented to the media a partial copy of another author’s abstract to the thesis, where the opponents were listed already by other historians. The Department explained that this is the original of the abstract and on the website of the Waco and RSSU due to a technical error the dissertation Council of the University was published first draft.

After a large-scale scandal on Wednesday, October 18, defenders of the historical value of doctoral Medina called an emergency press conference. However, the statements of the proponents of a doctoral degree only the Minister finally confirmed that this degree it is necessary to deprive — if not for unscientific work, serious violations of procedures for the protection for sure.

As the main witness of honesty thesis defense of Medina community was presented to the real official opponent of his work the historian Anatoly Korolev. It is interesting that the author has explained the choice of opponents the fact that it is one of the few Russian scientists, scientific activity which is close to the topic of “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV–XVII centuries.” The topic of his doctoral dissertation opponent’s Queen was “the Policy of the USSR and government agencies in the education of youth.” However, the opponent is the Minister explained that in the post-Soviet years greatly widened the scope of its research activities and became, among other things, almost the only expert on the psychology of history.

It’s harder to justify after the scandal had the head of the Department of history of the University Nicholas Starostenkova. However, he courageously admitted the mistake of the University and explained why the dissertation Council violated the doctoral thesis. “It is the human factor. We sent out the synopsis on time, but by mistake the Secretary of the Council sent to the selected instance, including in the WAC, apparently a draft copy. The idea is that after this protection was not supposed to happen, but Medina was not guilty, why he needed to be punished. In most of the places we send normal abstract, I myself as a member of the dissertation Council at that time have the original,” said Starostenkov. Yes, the Minister was certainly not his fault, but that’s the rules. Error when sending the abstracts is not uncommon, and there is nothing to worry. Usually, applicants simply need to reschedule the protection and re-do everything, without errors according to the regulations. But ordinary scientists not Ministers, time is something they have plenty. All samozabvenno a speech in defense of the scientific honor of the Minister of culture acted as the leading researcher of the Institute of Russian history RAS Konstantin Averyanov, which at the time of approval the thesis of Medinsky in 2011 was a member of the expert Council of VAK. However, the question under discussion at the dissertation Council of the Minister, to answer it, unfortunately, could not. “As a historian I can tell you that the important historical documents, if there is a Protocol of the discussion, it was, that it should be looking for. The members of the Council who argue that it was not, I could be wrong, one of them I there all the time never seen” — cut Averyanov.

In addition to the answers to the questions Konstantin Averyanov half an hour told about the strengths of the scientific work of the Minister and that the expert Council of VAK, recommending to deprive Medina extent, incompetent. And even that its members had conspired with the pseudo-liberals, aimed to slander and to remove the Minister from his post at any cost, including by means of “hitting” on his scientific works. In the same vein spoke and other historians, speaking for the protection of the scientific value of the work of the Minister. But somehow no one recognized that at the moment the question is not about the pseudo-science thesis, and need to take the degree of doctor of science the head of the culture Ministry for gross violations that occurred during its protection — in accordance with the law, which, as you know, must be the same for everyone.

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