“Facebook Messenger has said about his use of “Russian agents” in US elections

It noted that finding out how the application was used to influence the presidential election results

The Head Of Facebook Messenger, David Marcusito: Reuters

Head of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus, said that some “Russian agents” were able to use this app to influence the US elections in 2016.

“People can correspond with each other in Messenger, that’s the point. On the platform was 3 billion people, and you can write any of them,” said Marcus edition of the Wall Street Journal.

He did not specify how it used the app to influence elections.

“We find out exactly how this platform was used (to influence elections in the United States – if). We cooperate with Congress on this issue is under active investigation. We’ll find out what happened and make sure that we can improve the system to prevent similar incidents in the future”, – said a top Manager.

Marcus also noted that, in his opinion, of 470 Facebook accounts that are associated with trying to influence U.S. elections, “few” used the Messenger app.

Earlier it became known that the company gave Facebook a selection of 3 thousand advertising messages allegedly posted by the Russian Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States. All these ads were linked with 470 pages and accounts registered in the social network.

Also an American company some time ago already passed the data on paid advertising spectacular Robert Muller, who oversees the investigation, and his team.

Currently, USA is the investigation which should establish, whether there has been Russian interference in the US presidential election in 2016.

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