French authorities filed charges against Pavlensky after the arson of the Bank

Scandalously known Russian artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky, in the spring of 2017 has been granted asylum in France, had become “famous” and in their new Homeland. French prosecutors have issued a decision to detain Pavlensky and his detention after the rally, held on the place de La Bastille in Paris.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

We will remind, on the night of 16 October, at the building of the Bank of France on Bastille Pyotr Pavlensky and his companion Oksana Shalygina torched the building of the Bank of France.

As told a source in the judiciary of France, after the action with the arson of the French Central Bank, the French government sued the Russian artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky charges, according to the radio station FranceInfo.

“Pavlensky, charged with arson of the entrance to the building of the Banque de France on the place de La Bastille in Paris… the Artist accused of destroying someone else’s property dangerous to others way. Against Pavlensky chose a measure of restraint in the form of pre-trial detention”, – is spoken in the message.

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