“Malaysia has chosen the American company to investigate in 2014, aircraft

– Malaysian authorities are negotiating with the American Ocean Infinity under the terms of the resumption of the search for the missing in the 2014 plane “Malaysian airlines”, informs on Thursday the website of the TV channel ABC News.

Letter with the relevant information received, the relatives of the passengers of the flight. In a letter to the government of Malaysia said that if the searches are not successful, Ocean Infinity will not receive the reward.

“The Malaysian government gave permission for the task force to discuss the terms with the Ocean of Infinity”, the letter reads.

Malaysia also announced the decision of the government of Australia and China, with whom Malaysia has conducted previous searches of the plane.

This week it became known that the three companies proposed to the government of Malaysia their services in the search for flight MH370 “Malaysia airlines”. Among these companies were American Ocean Infinity offering the Malaysian authorities to resume the search in August, the Dutch company Fugro and another Malaysian company, whose name was not disclosed.

In January the authorities of Australia, China and Malaysia announced the suspension of deep-water searches of the plane “Malaysian airlines”, which was lost in flight MH370 between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing on 8 March 2014. The aircraft disappeared from radar screens an hour after takeoff. On Board were 239 passengers and crew members.

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