Man three days was killed in the Sverdlovsk police: SC brought the case

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case after the murder of the detainee Stanislav Golovko in the police Department of Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovsk region), said the lawyer Alexei Bashmakov, at the initiative of the “Zone of law” representing the interests of the deceased sisters Ekaterina Golovko.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The death of a detainee occurred once for three days, from September 27 to 30, it, according to sister, were killed by the police. Only on 30 September Stanislav Golovko “ambulance” hospitalized from the police Department 17 of MU of the MIA of Russia “Nizhny Tagil” in the end, he died in hospital on 3 October.

Sister Golovko told the portal of E1 that the first time the police came to her house on September 26, but the brother was caught and tried to interrogate her six year old son. He Golovko told my sister that does not know what has caused the attention of law enforcement.

Later, after the murder, the speaker of the local police Valery Gorelykh said that Golovko “was previously brought to trial for his involvement in the robbery, more than 10 times to administrative responsibility for various violations. It was delivered in territorial OVD in order to work out his involvement in the theft”.

Thus, according to Gorelykh, the ambulance was called immediately after the detainee became ill. The reasons for such changes being representative of the interior Ministry did not specify.

The police also to the victim’s sister said that “there is a log of detainees that he began to behave inappropriately, he started having hallucinations, which he was to inflict grievous bodily harm”.

While Ekaterina Golovko says that her brother was not a drug addict, but after being in the police force his whole body was bruised, and the head was a “one solid hematoma”. “Why wasn’t he stopped when he saw that he kills himself?” specifies it is the unanswered question. In the end, the doctors pointed out that, judging by the nature of the injury is Golovko, he tried to cover his head from the blows.

Currently, the UK instituted proceedings under two articles of the criminal code: “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed death of the victim” (part 4 of article 111 of the criminal code) and “Exceeding official powers with application of violence and with causing of heavy consequences (part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code). Specific suspects in the case are missing.

Results declared official investigation Main Department of the MIA in Sverdlovsk region not reported so far.

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