Moved the crowd Kharkiv SUV repeatedly violated traffic rules

In Ukraine, coming after a terrible car accident in Kharkiv, where a Lexus SUV crashed into a crowd of people. According to authorities, the incident killed six people. Meanwhile, the jeep repeatedly noticed for a traffic violation.

“The volunteers showed a video in which the same Lexus RX350 (room AH 0032 EU) has passed on red light winter last year,” – said on his page in Facebook Advisor to the interior Minister of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko.

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“The tragedy in Kharkov was predefined: “Lexus” already caught in violation of the”


The MP noted that to establish the identity of the driver who was at the time behind the wheel of an SUV, have not yet succeeded. However, we know that this machine is often operated “girl Majorca” born in 1997. Gerashchenko said that the tragedy “was predetermined”.

The incident occurred the night before. The SUV rammed the crowd, causing six people were killed and 11 pedestrians were injured. According to Gerashchenko, the two girls are in critical condition, are fighting for their lives doctors.

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