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Wednesday in the House of cinema has passed farewell to the actor Vladimir Marjanovi. A stream of people stretched for two blocks, for two hours, colleagues, friends and admirers of Dmitry walked and walked, to hold a loved one and actor on his last journey. Armfuls of flowers had periodically carried out, otherwise one of them grew up the wall.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Said goodbye in the foyer of the Big hall of the cinema House. Organizers appealed to the audience to dispel any kind of rumors about what the funeral ceremony is not in the hall — there is a repair. Chaotic human tide had to adjust to avoid crowds.

At the tomb was the wife of Dmitry Ksenia. Brother Dmitry Maryanov (how they look like!) looked uncomprehending gaze over the heads on the vast human sea.

To the microphone, almost no one came, few people were willing to speak the words of farewell, no matter how much he urged the representatives of the actors Guild. Sometimes it makes ordinary spectators, who came to bid farewell to a favorite artist. And those few who still spoke, was not audible. Voices were drowned in the echoing hall of the spectator lobby. There was a representative of the Ministry of interior in the form of a stunt, saying that if the Directors went to meet, Dmitry has a lot to play, but never played. Something said quietly to Aleksandr Domogarov — never managed to hear.

Crowded the actors of Lenkom, where for several years he worked as Dmitry, Victor Rakov, Sergey Frolov, all roughly of the same generation. Only Dmitry Pevtsov went to the microphone and recalled how generous the man was Dima Maryanov, not sparing their strength and health : “the job we have very effeminate. And he was a man.” A word about the fact that Dima was a real man, uttered by many.

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From the “Lenkom” gave a nod Lyudmila Porgina from colleagues and her husband Nikolai Karachentsov. This theater was a piece of his energy, as he remained from Yevgeny Leonov, Oleg Yankovsky, Tatiana pelttser, Alexander Abdulov. And again the actors coming will receive their charge. “Thank you, Dima, from our theatre, from all of us, from me, from Koli. How many of you did! What a pity that ended this life. Not managed you very much. We love you and will love” – said Polina.

One of the friends recalled how Dmitri wanted to try to touch as in the mid-90s, they stood in his balcony: “Summer. Heat. And no one has even a ruble loan. For two only one chip on the subway. Dima said, “Man, it’s all very humiliating. It is necessary to go VA-Bank”. And then took the badge and tossed the gesture of a man who puts everything on the line. “He lives eaten by the handful” – that was Dmitry Maryanov.

Came Marat Basharov, said goodbye, had a long talk with the wife of Dimitri, not a word is uttered for all. I even approached him, asked me to do it, because the silence stretched. Alas! Sergei Yushkevich also refused to say, “Later. Now I can’t.” Someone came as Alexei Chadov, quickly said goodbye and left. Fedor Dobronravov long stood in the distance. Sisters Tatiana and Olga Arntgolts held each other and wept bitterly. And in the foyer on a small screen were fragments of paintings in which they starred, but most importantly – was there a direct boy with jagged teeth, how we all remember him in the movie “Above the rainbow”, where he starred in 14 years. “Our rainbow” – talked about it colleagues. Instead of a close friend, who was on a business trip to Sochi, his mother came: “Dima, I know well. I even have in the house is the stove, which he gave me. They were friends with my son”. Came Alexey Kortnev with his wife, a gymnast Amina Zaripova.

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Emmanuel Vitorgan shared with the “MK” their feelings: “we lost Another one, totally unexpected. Still can’t accept this message, to believe in what happened. Even now, when he came to say goodbye to lying in a coffin Dima. Not for me to tell how he was young, healthy, active. The colossal loss not only to his family and friends. For all of us. For years, we have friends families. Not only filming met and the performances. The family of Dima, he often visited us and we them. Very warm friends. Here all has converged — crazy rhythm of life, every kind of eventuality. So health sometimes suddenly fails a man who seemingly physically healthy so that there can be hundreds of years. Dima deserves the deepest memory, believe me, this is not a rant. I hope that all who visited at his performances, seen his movies, more than once they will remember and say, “Thank you for what you did.”

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Actor and psychotherapist Alexander Rapoport, who recently saw the show “Sleeping” Yuri Bykov, is also shared with the “MK” their memories

– Men actors, men in General in any way attracted to creative activity, is little boys. Unfortunately, this is childish women men love, but all the time block. On the one hand, it is an attractive trait, and the other is an attempt to return the person in real life, give advice, and it was time to become respectable. All this tearing man to pieces.

Dima — a little boy, like most outwardly brutal people. Many roles that he played, was assumed as brutal. But for me it is in its manifestations remained reflective and deep person who experiences most of his emotions internally. He told me it clearer.

We have not shot together, played in performances, but met on cinematic events. Every time talking to him, I became more and more convinced that he’s one of us, little boys who need love and approval. No love, no approval, not much happens. The man did not live even up to 50 years, much, probably, underpaid. And although he was famous, love, popular, I have a feeling that he did not reach the extent of approval, love and recognition, which he deserved. Maybe now, the people who gathered here, will understand and begin to apply already to other people, your family is kinder, more attentive, more sensitive, compassionate. Vladimir Vysotsky once said, “the Slain spare, burial service and pampered haven. You will not tell about the living and the dead, we cherish”. Let us pity and care of others!”

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