“On the American segment of the ISS fixed emerged in August of a communication problem

– Astronauts on the us segment of the International space station (ISS) have eliminated the cause of problems with communication that occurred in August. This was reported “Interfax” a source in the space industry.

“With the help of the manipulator successfully replaced the remote control unit power supply, which caused problems with communication,” said the source.

Faulty remote control unit power supply, which is causing issues with the performance of one of the two American channels in S-band, planned to be replaced on 18 August, then the operation was rescheduled for September, but later it was decided to attempt to replace a failed unit on August 23.

Replacement unit was supposed to use the remote manipulator SSRMS. However, the attempt to replace unit was unsuccessful in connection with the malfunction of the manipulator. Later problems with the manipulator was fixed.

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