Pilot: the ship with the scars crossed the mark of “20”

After an impressive geography of concerts and songs tour “Dvadtsatnik” with which Ilya Damn companions skated the whole in 2017, fans did not expect that awaits them extra surprise. The anniversary program was full of the most vivid, spectacular and beloved by the listeners of songs of different years. But apparently, restless leader of the rock team left a feeling of incompleteness, and he, along with colleagues at the scene decided to come up with another high-profile Seth – “Dvadtsatnik. The appendage”.

photo: Vladimir Chistyakov

Ability to creatively mimic, to be different, while preserving the hard core and loyal to himself, has always distinguished Ilya Trait. Although the reason remains the same – a round number, the contents and concept changed completely. In the first series sounded radio and television hits that “Pilot” rightly calls his business card. However, in addition to a heavy musical baggage for two decades, has accumulated a huge amount of songs without becoming obvious hits are etched in the memory of listeners and loved by artists. Rocker himself has called the songs included in the setlist, “unkempt, not slick, uncomfortable.” According to him, it was made solely on the basis of personal choice group and the fans.

Atmosphere, mood, emotional, semantic and sound background, the overall pace of the unfolding on the stage and in the audience of the action – all these components together in vivid, shimmering in different colors “mandala”. And even traditional for the team elements of the concert, such as Intro, made up of mantras, sounds and is perceived differently. Selected artists and fans of the song have developed in a very expressive, dynamic, hard, heavy sounding, even provocative design. No-hitter still has not done: the band played “Rock”, became in time almost a national anthem, revealing the “Kingdom of whores”, a rollicking and playful “Siberia”, which had become the Golden collection of not only the Pilot, but of the entire Russian rock. Suddenly sounded the four songs from their new album “Pandora” is the title of the same name, as well as “Dislike”, “No Paradise”, “Pay me.” At the outset Ilya sang “Heaven,” with its third Studio album, “Our sky” 2002, a song dedicated to the memory of the underground leader of Petersburg group “Chimera” Edward Starkov. The track “Terrorism” with one of the most favorite for many fans of the plate “Fish, mole and pig” (2004), 13 years sounds, alas, even more topical, and “Love, truth and light” with a thoughtful, textured, and space “of the Commonwealth” (2009) still remains a life-affirming philosophical Manifesto, invigorating. “Jerusalem”, “Heart machine”, “Five border States”, “Transit”, “Jedi”, “Forty-eight” for every opus your inner message and its history, all of them are facets of the same gemstone uneven shape, and therefore, written in absolutely different periods of art, with different thoughts and sentiments, they are nevertheless organically develop into one puzzle.

In an interview with “Sound track” in February, released for the anniversary, Hell remembered just published at that time, the single “Survivor” how to accurately transmit its current relationship to the distance traveled and the team. His creation he likened to “battered, ragged, shramirovaniye”, but still a valid ship, which, despite difficult periods, crises and difficulties, both external and internal, was able to survive. The musician confessed that it was the hardest. The fate of the Pilot and the Ilya is similar to a steep road on a mountain road with steep uphill, descents, dangerous turns. But most importantly, this is a story about a powerful evolution, which is telling through their songs, poems, books, the actor was brutally honest with oneself and with the people to whom he speaks. For many it is an example of how, when he reached the bottom, to push away from him with all the force and continue to move up, change lives including creativity. Some she still maintains, inspires their personal inner victory. When a musician goes on stage with the realization that he wants to say and convey, professionally and intuitively selecting for this purpose fall within the purpose of the tool, energy is transferred to the audience, resonance occurs, tangible feedback. It happened at the last concert. Card developed, the creative act was accomplished.

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