Russian hockey player had a fight with a canadian teammate, broke his facial bone

Training of the club Continental hockey League (KHL) “Motorist” was marked by a fight teammates – Russian Nikolay Timashova and canadian Taylor Beck. Foreign player after the incident was sent to the hospital, where he had identified a serious injury – a broken facial orbital bone.

photo: AP

Information about the fight between two hockey players “the Motorist” confirmed team Director of the Ekaterinburg Maxim Ryabkov.

“On October 18, during training there was a fight between hockey players. In male team sports, it happens quite often. During working off outputs “3 2″ defender Timashov tough but within the rules met the attacker Taylor Beck. The canadian then decided to find out the relationship and dropped wrists. Timashov fight took and was stronger,” – quoted Maxim Ryabkov official site “the Motorist”.

It is also reported that Beck passed the medical examination after training which revealed he had a broken facial orbital bone. It is assumed that in operation it will be able to return in about a month.

As for Nicholas Timashova, no sanctions will not be applied. He and his team goes to a four-game exit.

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