“Shakhtar” beat “Napoli”

Shakhtar with ten men in heavy fighting to defend the 2-1 victory in Rotterdam and almost destroyed the hopes Feyenoord to continue the struggle for an exit from group. In the other match of group F Manchester city claimed their third consecutive victory in the Champions League, this time over Napoli, and is the leader.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

After the game the head coach of Feyenoord, Giovanni van Bronkhorst as the doom given to the question of MK: “Shakhtar have nothing surprised, we expected him to be this game and my team gave against him a very good match. We will continue to try to play on the same level”.

The coach of the Dutch can only envy – predictable opponents, great atmosphere in the stadium and a team that consistently pleases the fans of the game, but only win in the Champions League has no one can.

But the fans of Shakhtar, everything is much less predictable: at home no, Kharkov is not so hospitable, even compared to the lions, prospects remain unclear, but two of their three matches in the Champions League “miners” won with the same score 2:1. In the matches that looked more like a swing and Napoli and Feyenoord could score. “90% of people after the draw wouldn’t believe in such a result, “miner”! Manchester city and Napoli remain the favourites, but we want to surprise all of our people again!”- so described the situation in the group after the game in Rotterdam, Paulo Fonseca

Shakhtar flew to Holland with the “passengers” – with the help of crutches on the plane hobbled Central defender Kryvtsov and his presence in the application even in the next match against Feyenoord is a big question. In September, following a doping scandal went on leave unclear the duration of the great captain of Shakhtar Darijo Srna. On the right flank now Bogdan Butko, Kashi he seems to not spoils, but indispensable for many years captain so soon it is difficult to compensate.

On Feyenoord here with the captain’s armband unexpectedly left the Brazilian taison. Tyson – the main news of the Ukrainian football of the summer and the main argument in the debate about the future of Shakhtar in the mouth of his fans. In the summer the player is rumored to “Zabuza”, I started work in training and strongly demonstrate the necessity of its sale. Say that measures taken in relation to its Brazilian leaders from the Portuguese, Paulo Fonseca was draconian. But they suddenly worked. The Brazilians got back to work, and after that his word said Rinat Akhmetov – Tyson has renewed the contract for a new term. On talking about the demise of the budget of Shakhtar, the impending reduction of payroll and reduction of ambitions again, for some time, was given up.

The scandal with the Srna for Shakhtar too, means a lot. Horvath in Donetsk in a very special account. Srna summer he refused to go to Barcelona, selecting the status of the Donetsk eternal legend. The club openly began to say that the influence of the captain which is all pervading – Dario a year and a half will become the sports Director of FC Shakhtar. And here is dope!

Sources say that Srna more than a year all vitamin therapy and recovery trusted personal advisors, leaving the influence of the medical service of the club. At what stage was a mistake now finds a group hired by the footballer’s lawyers. The analysis for doping the captain took in March, and announced the results somehow in September. Knowledgeable people say that if the legal team of the Croatian defender will achieve a minimum one-year disqualification, to consider it will be of the violation from March. And then there remains the chance to continue his career Srna in the championship of Ukraine.

Without him in Rotterdam all played unexpectedly badly. Tyson as captain Fonseca promises to keep, right-back Bohdan Butko organized the second goal in gate of owners. But after removal Rakitskiy for a second yellow card on 75 minutes, the game entered a young Georgian defender David Chochlova. Now he’s after Rakytskyy almost certainly the third time in his career will play in the Champions League, and even in the starting lineup. Fonseca has been added to the game in Rotterdam, said that Central defence is his head not too bad.

“Feyenord” began briskly, immediately scored and yet he was driven to the amazing fans of the Dutch, looked quite decent. And then Fred’s brilliant pass led to a rendezvous with goalkeeper Bernard and the score became equal. In the second half, the little Brazilian head locked transfer Butko and hushed the stadium were heard “charges” local and guests from Ukraine the Shakhtar fans. In the last 15 minutes after removal Rakitskiy, the hosts could and should have scored – the gate Pyatov saved the post. But it ended as it ended 1:2.

“We had a difficult game, fantastic atmosphere, very strong in the first ten minutes of “Feyenoord”. And then we took the game in his hands almost before deleting Rakitskiy. But even after that we could score, however, and could make it our rival” is a polite enough summary of the match from Paulo Fonseca.

“I already know tomorrow’s headlines Ukrainian Newspapers – phlegmatic stirring tea told me before the game a familiar person close to the leadership of FC “Shakhtar” will Win – “Rotterdam +”, we lose, “Rotterdam – minus”.

That is according to the “Rotterdam +” calculates the cost of coal for the Ukrainian thermal power stations and formulaic “world” price significantly affects the tariffs for the population. Coal, before the embargo was for the hryvnia from the Donbass.

The current relative prosperity and success of Shakhtar in Kiev is really just annoying. Particularly tense situation was after the defeat of Kiev “Dynamo” in the last round of the championship of Ukraine of Odessa “Chernomorets”, at the time of the game the last team in the table of the championship. Alexander Khatskevich in Kiev is clearly not everything. And now a Thursday game in Europa League with offenders – “young boys” (Swiss club did not let “Dinamo” in the Champions League this summer), and then Sunday match with “Shakhtar”

By the weekend, Dynamo fans are preparing for the inevitable execution, without enthusiasm.

I would take the example of Feyenoord. Prosperous Dutch have built a project around the club. To travel to Kharkov 1 Nov Feyenoord is preparing a charity aid for the children of Donbass. “The players of Feyenoord are calling on their supporters to collect donations, donations-clothing, shoes, sports areas. This includes: sets, costumes… all what can make use of the children” – a message received by journalists three hours before the game. And, for a few unlucky 13 hours near the entrance to the stadium in a special container began to collect sports equipment for children in the East of Ukraine.

Explanation of the Dutch club: “This is a charity event organized Feyenoord in cooperation with Donetsk and his Foundation” – does not shed light on where and which side of the confrontation line going gifts from Rotterdam. Training the younger ages of the Academy of Shakhtar were in Donetsk until recently.

The container will collect gifts for children and on Sunday before the match of the national championship with Ajax. And in two weeks in Kharkov Feyenoord in cooperation with Shakhtar Donetsk will hold a series of charity training for young players.

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