Sit back, asleep: the head of the Irkutsk Ministry of health did not help passenger plane

The Minister of health of Irkutsk region Oleg Yaroshenko, flying the morning flight from Moscow to Irkutsk, has not helped passengers who felt ill. The incident portal FlashSiberia said one of the passengers on that flight.


According to the interlocutor of the edition, during the flight, the passenger needed emergency medical help. The crew over the intercom and asked to come to the patient doctors, if any, on the Board.

“On Board were the Minister of health of Irkutsk region Oleg Yaroshenko. If you think that the officer rushed to assist, in vain,” — said an eyewitness. According to him, the Minister “did not budge and sat down comfortably, went to sleep.”

By a happy coincidence, the same flight was flying two doctors who responded to the request of the flight attendants and assisted the man. After landing at the airport of Irkutsk the patient got in a car “ambulance”.

According to the newspaper, Oleg Yaroshenko graduated from the Tomsk military medical Institute, Military medical Academy named after Kirov, the higher academic courses of the Military Academy of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces.

Note that not all officials do this. So, last year, the Russian health Minister Veronika Skvortsova gave first aid to the passenger aircraft flying from Moscow to new York (later the woman was diagnosed with a heart attack). Skvortsova also had the opportunity to bring into the consciousness of the fallen in a swoon FSO at the meeting in the government.


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