Son Ulyukayev has received millions from the state to the film “the Pope must die”

The son of the former Minister of economic development Alexey Ulyukaev, Dmitry began filming with the working title “the Pope must die”. This picture is allocated 25 million roubles, the Ministry of culture of Russia.


As transfers TV channel “360”, Mr speaker is the co-owner and producer of the film “White mirror”, which launched this black Comedy. The film was made by Kirill Sokolov. The entire budget of the film is 65 million rubles.

According to the portal Life, the Studio confirmed that they had received a grant from the Ministry of culture in the amount of 25 million rubles. It is reported that earlier on the Ministry’s website already published the information that the film was included in the list for government support.

In the film, the young man decided to fill the face of the father of the girl who hurt her. But during the fight begin to find various tidbits about all the characters.

All the shooting took place in Moscow, and in November they have already completed.

We will remind that the Minister is now accused of receiving a bribe.

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