“Spartak” defeated “Seville”, cheered numerology

Victories over Spanish clubs Spartak in European Cup history before a meeting with “Seville” has not happened for 13 long years. About it before the starting whistle blew at each step, implying that a draw will be for Muscovites an acceptable result. But sharing the points with andalusite did not suit the red and white from the tournament point of view, so that selected Massimo Carrera attacking game concept wasn’t talking about the guts of the coaching staff, and was a forced measure. Once ligaabrama on the edge of the abyss into which the Spartacists with high probability would in case of loss of points at home, the team showed their best game. Repeating at the same ligachampion record for Russian clubs — more landslide victories in the main European club tournament in modern history, on account of our teams not listed.

photo: Evgeny Semenov
Denis Glushakov.

Joyful noise and chants from the fans when leaving the stadium after the victory of “Spartacus” has been heard and more. The audience, as, presumably, the viewers, were shocked by what they saw. And only in the eyes of the fans, which was attended by the happy Shine, it was possible to understand that red-white has made on the field is something remarkable.

The incident this evening on the “Open arena” defies traditional football analysis. The percentage possession of the ball, accuracy of shots and passes, the number of filed corner — it’s just the numbers that were not the primary attributes of the previous match. There is no point to ponder, who appeared on the field has played more useful than the others who have made mistakes, and who is saved. The dedication and character that showed all the players of “Spartak” and became the key to a striking victory over a very serious contender.

“Spartacus” is not time in this meeting was on the edge of a precipice, and at times it seemed that here-here will fail. So it was, when I scored Kjær after rebate partner, played leapfrog with Denis by Gusakovym. The away player won the Spartak captain fight for riding the ball, putting that when you jump both hands on the shoulders (by the way, remember how something similar was done with Vadim Evseev in 1998 in the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup, the Chilean Ivan Zamorano). Became very anxious when asked to substitute Alexander Samedov. “Spartak” could waver when the nine of gate flying ball, but Aleksandr Selikhov saved over and over again. How did the ball off the line is already empty gate Kombarov! And Muscovites stood not just tip the balance in his side, arranging the opponent utter defeat.

photo: Evgeny Semenov
Luiz Adriano scores Sevilla.

Massimo CARRERA, the head coach “Spartaka”:

— We can say that the team has played just perfect. Yes, the opponent was the dangerous moments at our gate, but we’re not with children’s team played and with the club, which over the past 4 years three times won the Europa League. In the “Seville” there are great players, and I have no doubt that in the second match the opponent with the fantastic support of the fans will give us a lot of trouble.

Eduardo BERIZZO, the head coach of “Seville”:

— If at the 60th minute (with the score 2:1. — Approx. AP) someone told me that the match ends with the score 5:1, I would not have believed it. Conceding the second goal, we started wrong, than “Spartak” and took advantage of it. The opponent in the line of attack chosen very strong players, able to beat opponents 1 V 1, which was difficult to handle. But we will not hesitate to cry, wipe tears and try to fight in the return leg.

What’s next

A victory over “Seville” allowed “Spartak” to rise to first place in the standings, which is white and red and share with kicked in Slovenia the spirit of the “Maribor”, “Liverpool”. Eurocups spring Muscovites itself provided with a probability of 99.9 percent, but to celebrate an exit in the playoffs of the Champions League too early. The match of the final round of the group stage, which team Massimo Carrera will take place in Liverpool, may not have a tournament value, if we talk about the exit in the playoffs, in principle, not about the fight for first place.

Hypothetical draw in Spain and a home win over Maribor will bring the total number of points to 9. In this scenario, in order to stay ahead of the Muscovites, Sevilla will need to win and Slovaks, and Liverpool, and with it, rooting for the English in their home match with “Spartak”.

The victory of the red-and-white in Seville practically guarantees Spartak out of the group regardless of the result of their meeting with Liverpool. The main thing — not to lose by points in Moscow with Maribor. In the case of the defeat of Andalusia “Spartak” will be doomed to play in the final round to win at Liverpool, hoping that the Spaniards before they themselves will not benefit the British.

And here’s a simplified version: any set of points of red and white in Sevilla (win or draw) makes the Muscovites to be the favorites in the fight for a spot in the playoffs. Defeat from “Seville” makes more likely the chances of qualifying from group of Spaniards.

photo: Evgeny Semenov
Sincere joy Massimo Carrera.

By the WAY

Bookmakers reacted to the landslide victory “Spartaka” over “Seville” and changed the ratio on the probability of Muscovites in the playoffs from 3.3 to 1.8. The clear favorite of group E, according to analysts, is “Liverpool”, bet on which hit in the spring phase of the Champions League in the case of the British tournament tasks will be multiplied by a factor of 1.08. The chances of “Seville” the estimated coefficient of 1.6.

The UEFA Champions League

Group stage. 3rd round

Group E

“Spartak” (Russia) — “Seville” (Spain) — 5:1

Goals: Promes, 18. Melgarejo, 58. Glushakov, 67. Adriano, 74. Promes, 90 — Kjær, 30.

“Maribor” (Slovenia) — “Liverpool” (England) — 0:7


Remaining matches of group E


1.11: “Seville” — “Spartak”, “Liverpool” — “Maribor”

21.11: “Spartak” — “Maribor”, “Seville” — “Liverpool”

6.12: Liverpool — Spartak Moscow, Maribor — Sevilla

The results of other matches Tuesday

Manchester city (England) — “Napoli” (Italy) — 2:1, “Feyenoord” (Holland) — “the miner” (Ukraine) — 1:2, “Monaco” (France) — “Beshiktash” (Turkey) — 1:2, “Leipzig” (Germany) — Porto (Portugal) — 3:2, APOEL (Cyprus) — Borussia (Germany) — 1:1, real Madrid (Spain) — “Tottenham” (England) — 1:1

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