Teams of Russian Curling headed to the Olympics in Korea

On the tracks of the training center “Novogorsk” a real stir. Women’s and men’s national teams of Russian Curling plus mixed couples appeared on suburban base at the same time. But the problem is different: women and the mixed doubles at the Olympics mentally since the spring, but men have to fight for the last two trips to Korea for the 2018 world selection in the Czech Republic.

From left to right: Alexander Raev, Alina Kovaleva, Margarita Fomina, Nkeiruka Ezekh and Anna Sidorova.

And while the ice on the two tracks in Novogorsk is painted literally on minutes. According to the women’s national team skip Anna Sidorova, the first camp after the holiday consisted of three training sessions: a morning ice, FUC, then the evening. Now daily training consists almost of five sessions. November 17, in St. Gallen start of the championship of Europe, which, despite the Olympic tasks, can not be treated leniently.

Russia coach Svetlana Kalalb shows a large lined sheet of paper, filled in by hand. It’s already selected teams participating in the XXI Olympic games. It’s not about countries (obviously), and about specific groups:

For example, in Switzerland’s national selection ended unexpectedly — says Svetlana Yakovlevna. Neither Alina Patz nor Bine Felcher their team in Pyeongchang will not be lucky. It will be represented by team Sylvanas, Tirinzoni, experienced in terms of club competitions, but not tournaments of the world Championships and especially the Olympics. Sweden selection is not conducted, there is decided I didn’t need to change anything: trust Game, the team of Anne Hasselberg. The Kingdom (the Kingdom OI always imagine plaid. — D. L.) — this is Eve Muirhead and her partner…

Surnames in the bars of the United States and Canada national qualifiers in North America is yet to come. Particularly interesting is the canadian format of the championship of the country, where the voucher will fight the current champion of the country and the world (skip Rachel Homan) and best teams from all the provinces. In the Korean team all four girls starting lineup have the surname Kim… Which is not surprising: this name in the Country of morning freshness is more common than in Russia Ivanov.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Pioneers of the Olympic mixed doubles: Anastasia Bryzgalova
and Alexander krushelnitsky.

Three columns are empty. The two teams will be determined during additional sampling in December in the Czech Republic. Russia has also decided not to fill. Just in case. It is not admission all of our team for the winter Games. Just not to jinx anyone: Curling injuries happen.

— Just met with the Federation President Dmitry Fistulous, says returning to the hall Anna Sidorova. — Discussed plans, our wishes. Believe in us and expect a good result at the European Championships. The first eight teams will automatically qualify for the 2018 world Cup, but to put a low bar to get into the top eight, we have no right.

— What caused the poor results at the first international start of the season?

We did not pursue the goals to win in Canada and other competitions. We have the beginning of a hard season. If you go on peak form now, what we then show in February? Yes, the results are not the best. We evaluated them objectively, but to sow panic is not necessary. Try to do everything we can to gradually remove the technical marriage. Work for the long term, not the here and now.

— What changes made to the training program starting in Novogorsk?

— We had three training sessions, then the restoration — either the pool or the sauna or physiotherapy. We are professional athletes, health is not our Forte. So you need to keep in shape. Not in the format of “who continue to jump,” and below the joints, the muscles were able to withstand the load that we in the Olympic season ahead. Now less full-time to communicate with them, but remote access from Elizabeth Kozhevnikova communicate, execute the. But with this collection take every opportunity to drive on the ice, despite the tight schedule. We remained the evening, not the most convenient time. But we need private lessons with a coach. We all realize that none of those who will be with us to compete at the Games, now in free time not having fun, not watching TV, and practicing in sweat. And to be better than they are, we have to give the ice all the time. Guided by internal sensations.

— Believe in Pyeongchang Russia will be represented in all three tournaments?

— I’d like that, so I will be for the guys to get sick. It won’t be easy, trips for two, but with all of them in order, it is necessary that technically they looked good. This sport, much depends on a team of UPS and downs…

— Since July, when went to the first camp, clearly aware of why and where we’re going, what this Olympic season — agree Margarita Fomina, Alexandra Raeva and Kira Ezeh who spends his birthday on the ice, that is, from start to finish.

— What gave Kira?

— In Moscow there is a good shop of furniture and household items: I handed the card to buy. This is exactly what I wanted.

— Girls, you already soul in the Olympics, but before that you need to play at the European championship.

— The more games the better. And “Europe” we perceive not just as a preparation stage, but also as a tournament for the tournament. We can once again understand who we are and who we should be.

— At the Olympic tournament opened two vacancies. Who gets the vouchers?

With greater probability one will take the China, and from European teams it could be anyone. Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy… They are about equal — is impossible to predict. But for us, this question is unimportant.

Rita, apparently, even here, inside the Russian base, a lot of competition for track?

— Yes, we have to fight for his place under the sun. (Laughs.) Seriously, you need to consider the schedule of the mixed doubles and men’s team of Alexey Timofeeva. So in the evening spend in the queue for a private session with a coach. Why is it necessary? Team we focus on communication and maintenance of stone, but the throws have to divide by five. And when you are alone for an hour make about 50 trips. We must work with the stone, hone the throw. To pain in the knees.

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