“The Baltic States asked the European Commission to provide assistance in connection with the crop failure

– Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia appealed to the European Commission with a request to assist them in connection with the poor harvest due to the extremely large amount of precipitation in the current year.

“Apparently, about 10% of grain remains unharvested. Legumes may remain unharvested up to a third or even half. The same bad situation in the vegetable sector”, – said on Thursday to journalists by the Minister of the rural life of Estonia Tarmo Tamm (Tarmo Tamm).

The Minister believes that the current problems can also affect next year’s crop. “Unfortunately, there is no more sense and to sow winter grains – even now, when the fields dried a little bit,” said Tamm.

He said that Estonia has addressed the European Commission with the request to support her. “The same appeal was sent by the Ministers of agriculture of Latvia and Lithuania”.

Tamm noted that the Prime Minister of Estonia, to be held in Brussels the summit will talk about the situation to the President of the EU Council Jean-Claude Juncker.

“The situation is difficult, but we will try somehow to mitigate, at first with the help of the European Commission”, – expressed hope of the Minister.

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