“The EU summit in Brussels will be held in a different building because of the broken ventilation in the kitchen

– European Union summit in Brussels on 19-20 October will be held in the old building of the Council of Europe. Summit of heads of state and government of the EU decided to move to another room due to faulty ventilation in the kitchen in the new building of the European Council.

This failure has already led to the evacuation of employees due to the spread of harmful emissions, says Deutsche Welle.

The first time a similar incident happened on October 16. As a result, 20 people received chemical poisoning, nine people were hospitalized. Many complained of nausea and pain in the eyes. The reason, as stated in the Council of Europe, was a mixture of cleaning products in the kitchen, what was the formation “evil vapors”.

The situation was repeated on 18 October, and many employees again felt a sharp discomfort. Physicians assisted victims from the building and evacuated people and the fire Department tried to find out the cause of the incident. As noted in the statement from the office of the European Council, apparently, the problem was again caused by faulty ventilation in the kitchen.

It was assumed that the incident will not affect the summit. However, for security reasons, the summit was decided to move to a neighboring building in which such activities were carried out previously.

The problem of migration, the construction of a European defence component within the EU, a British exit from the EU (Brexit), critical issues in international politics, as well as the EU transition to a digital economy will be the basis of the agenda of the European Council (EU summit).

According to the official programme, he will start on Thursday in the second half of the day with the traditional heads of States and governments of 28 countries-members of the Union with the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani.

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