“The head of “Rosneft” has denied any interest in buying LUKOIL

– “Rosneft” never was interested in buying LUKOIL, said the head of the state company Igor Sechin.

“We never was interested in buying LUKOIL. In our plans this is not because there are no offers on the market”, – said the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin at a press conference. In his opinion, discussing the purchase of LUKOIL’s like a PR campaign to increase capitalization.

“Rather, from my point of view, it’s (the rumors about the possible sale of LUKOIL – if) looks like an invitation to participate creates a certain excitement in order to raise the value of the shares of the company. And, I think, in this regard, some work is carried out for increase of capitalization,” he said.

“Although, perhaps, some reason to believe that the market for such rumors go there, because there’s a test sale Litasco, for example, is the emergence of some other assets, and probably on the market, these rumors are discussed, but as always somehow interested, is called “Rosneft”. God forbid!” – said Sechin.

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