“The Iraqi court issued a warrant for the arrest of Vice-President of Iraqi Kurdistan

– A warrant for the arrest of Vice-President of Iraqi Kurdistan Kosrat Rasul was issued by the court of Iraq. About it reports on Thursday, the Kurdish TV channel “Rudaw”.

The TV channel notes that the reason for such order of the court was the statement of a Kurdish Vice-President that are included in Kirkuk Iraqi forces are “occupiers”.

The Rasul could face criminal liability in the form of seven years of imprisonment for inciting hatred.

Last week, Rasul has ordered the transfer of 6 thousand fighters of the Kurdish militia “Peshmerga” in the district of Kirkuk, also saying that Kurdistan is not afraid of threats from any party.

Monday on the territory of Kirkuk joined Iraqi armed forces, which took control of key infrastructure and oil fields.

The governorate of Kirkuk is not part of Iraqi Kurdistan, but given the substantial presence of ethnic Kurds also held a referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The referendum on self-determination of Iraqi Kurdistan, on 25 September. Voted for independence 92,73% of the voting electorate. In Baghdad, considered the referendum as illegitimate.

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