The magic crystal of Yuri Lyubimov in Moscow celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Master

Disputes about Lyubimov, prose about Lyubimov, Lyubimov lyrics about the criticism about Lyubimov, Lyubimova hands. And no tears for Lyubimov. Those who love him, are going to remember him, twist magic crystal. It happened this time, during the final evening in the framework of the 100th anniversary of the great Master. The details of documentary film Centre — the correspondent of “MK”.

Actors, Directors, critics and students of the master of all abandon in the hall of the fragile but incredibly strong Katalin Lyubimov. There is almost no outsiders gathered together and those who Yuri Lyubimov know, those who remember and full of the energy of light, which spread around him Yuri Petrovich. They do not need to say how their life had Lyubimov. They are placed in the fire memories of him: on the particles, to pieces. Slightly Executive Director and animator Andrey Hrzhanovsky trying to portray Lyubimov, a life-size portrait of Yuri Petrovich demanding directly looking at him, but the room is laughing: I know that it’s sincere admiration and respect to the Master.

“I witnessed the instant response formula that comes from the outside. His approach to the play… I remember he had an order to put the “St. Matthew Passion” at La Scala. He told me that was not able to find a creative solution to the action and it came when he was holding a glass of whiskey, which melted the ice. And these tears of mourning of the Savior, who in the production played a huge role — it was a great creative decision. And he showed the man tearing the hairs from his nose, and said, “I came up with! Verse!”. And sang: “Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria — the fragrant flower of the Prairie.” It is clear that not gone, but when Beria was arrested, the man was calling everywhere and said, “a flower is planted”. In General, all genres, and the acting and the directing, were available to him”.

Yuri Norstein, after seeing the scene colleague Khrzhanovsky admits that he is a late visitor Lyubimov Taganka. But they both agree: it is time to publish the texts of the pageants of the Masters in the form of individual works. “This is an absolute phenomenon, and it was not clear where the end of the hall where the event begins. Many years later, I thought, for Lyubimov, nothing is impossible. He could do anything. It’s a slow turning of the magic crystal… the crystal Rotation and focus precision-guided. He would have power to give any job — it is true, then they would have it all covered. Of course, it would not change the text, but I give the text as couldn’t do nothing. He could from the Comedy to make the tragedy, and of tragic theatre to make an incredible tragicomedy. If he had a text about the work of doctors, you can imagine what would have happened…

I sometimes saw Yuri Petrovich was sitting at my table, and how it drove him crazy when actors are not facinellis the rhythm that was needed, it seemed, he was going to stop the show to hell and begin the rehearsal. And I thought, what event, what is happening now.”

Here Norstein turns to the portrait Lyubimova: “But what a beautiful hand Yuri Petrovich! It’s also a factor of the Creator…”

All: entrepreneurs, actors, Directors and friends gathered at the documentary film Centre is not formally. At the behest of the soul came from and the author of the exhibition devoted to Lyubimov, which runs from the end of August at the Museum of Moscow. The audience greeted with the words “I hate Soviet optimism. Indestructible”. And this lyubimovskogo inversion is all real: the world of his theater from the 80s — today. The Creator of the exhibition Alexey Tregubov because of their age with Yuri Petrovich was not acquainted, but he says that now with the Master almost made friends and can not recover from the sense of freedom that gives any contact with his life and work.

Why: the widow (no, I should say, really, “ally”) Yuri Trifonov, whose works of the Master have set “the house on the embankment” and “Exchange”, I’m sure that Lyubimov “spoiled” her husband, taught some macabre humor: when party chief Zimyanin asked Trifonova, when it works, the people answered: “And I’m not working, my wife wrote the script, and I live at her expense”. This “gain” was only possible from Lyubimova, laughs Olga Trifonova.

Yuri Petrovich, who was so free from obligations and so free inside, lived a long, such an amazing and difficult life. And with all this, says the scholar Lyubimova Yevgeniya Abelyuk, in recent years, confessed to her: “I’m so worried: because I know so little…”. Exhibition in the Moscow Museum “Lyubimov and the time” dedicated to the centennial of the Director, will run until October 26. During this time, you can still manage to see a choreographic fantasy on the theme of Lyubimov productions, documentaries and performances, but the main thing — to once again immerse themselves in the illusion of light and freedom, which, as a magic crystal, will always emit the Wizard.

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