The sterilizer not the breed

A month ago, on September 18, the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Tyumen region opened a criminal case against “unidentified persons” in “Tyumen plant of medical equipment and instruments” (TZMOI). As writes the edition “Party media”, in fact this means that once the largest in the industry, the plant is now suspected that supplied to hospitals in Russia fake.


TZMO was founded in 1962. To date, the plant, according to the website of “Pharmstandard” (company to which it belongs), is “a leading Russian manufacturer of medical equipment”.

The factory is located in the center of Tyumen, he specializiruetsya on manufacturing steam sterilizers, disinfecting and washing equipment, installations for disinfecting medical waste, distiller, and reservoirs.

In reality, however, is not so good. In 2014, TZMOI, according to the report, produced 3001 medical sterilizer, which was 17.1% more than the year before. But then collapsed. In 2015, TZMOI put all 859 sterilizers, and in 2016 — only 317. That is, in two years, the production dropped almost 10 times. At the same time dramatically reduced the number of employees: 305 people in 2014 to 111 in 2015 and 50 in 2016.

Such a sharp decline in output and employment occurred almost immediately after his appointment as Chairman of the Board of Directors TZMOI Marat Galiullin. According to investigators, is now the name of TZMOI actually covered by a fake, so naturally, the number of employees drastically reduced: to import equipment from China easier than doing it in Tyumen.

Investigators suspect that TZMOI fulfilling contracts with various government agencies and health facilities, supplying counterfeit medical equipment. Under the guise of products of the plant received hospital steam sterilizers Chinese company. And if the quality sterilizers TZMOI almost never claim arose, the products of Chinese manufacturers is constantly out of order, sometimes does not provide the necessary temperature, etc.

In the UK I suspect that the leadership of TZMOI bought in China sterilizers that do not meet Russian standards, then the equipment was shipped to Latvia and imported to Russia as the accessories that allow you to save on customs fees.

After the Chinese machines simply glued the plates with the logo tsmo — and, tellingly, not in Tyumen, and Moscow. This equipment was delivered to the Russian hospital, and that was the reason for initiation of criminal case for production of counterfeit medical devices (part 1 of article 238.1 of the Criminal code).

According to the investigation, the fake devices were sold almost 30 million rubles.

And the most “funny” that the sterilizers are those brands, which were produced at TZMO until 2014, apparently, is now generally not available. In any case, this, according to “Part-media”, set a check of the Department of economic security Ministry of internal Affairs in Tyumen region.

It is not known how to guide “Pharmstandard”, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of the country control the situation in TZMOI. But Galiullin, according to the “Part-media”, has now left the country and is in no hurry to return to Russia.

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