Unique lottery center opened in Moscow

The lottery was high-tech: on the one hand, to participate in it is easy and convenient, with another – the objectivity of the drawings are now to see. To the definition of the winning combination has become more transparent, the largest distributor of state lotteries “Stoloto” 18 October 2017 has opened in Moscow a unique lottery center, which has no analogues in the world.

All inclusive

The flagship lottery of the country with multi-million jackpots are now live. During the circulation can be monitored from early morning until late at night, not only online on the website stoloto.ru but live, with my own eyes, directly to the lottery center. Stream of the lottery 24/7 allows you to monitor the progress of circulation from anywhere in the world.

The uniqueness of a lottery centre in its versatility. Here in the brand lottery supermarket participants can buy tickets, track the progress of runs, you can also check their tickets and receive winnings, even very large. In the case of particularly large good luck winners for a personal holiday in the “Hall of fame”.

People tend to only trust what they see with their eyes. And this is understandable, — says Director of sales and marketing TD “Stoloto” Zoe Gafarova. – For this purpose we have opened a lottery center, thus making a consistent step on the way to the formation of the lottery culture and raise the level of confidence in the lottery, which in our country has been lost in the last decade.

Millionaires more

The growing popularity of contemporary Russian lotteries and supports a large number of major wins. Because the amounts of the jackpots is affected by the percentage of involvement of the audience and the presence of the lottery culture in the country.

In September of this year the Muscovite Elena won 156 957 183 rubles.

In my family, we know very well what excitement is faced with a choice of cherished numbers before the drawings, and especially what is the thrill of winning, – says Elena, who became a multimillionaire thanks to a lottery. – Even my grandfather won at the time, the car.

Your huge winnings Elena is going to invest in housing for their children, vacation homes for elderly parents, a significant portion of the money expected to be used for charity.

The record for lottery winnings remains a resident of Sochi, who won 364 685 787 rubles in may of this year. Just a week after the Sochi triumph 300 million rubles won the lottery the inhabitant of Novosibirsk. And most recently, in October 2017, a resident of Moscow got a super prize to 217 million rubles.

But, it seems, an absolute record of the coming year will be a Grand draw more than a BILLION rubles in the new year edition of Russian Lotto on 1 January in a live broadcast from Federal channels If no one wins the jackpot, the whole amount will be compulsorily distributed among all winners of the draw. Every other ticket a record of the circulation of winning.

It is obvious that the state lottery be the driver of growth in the number of wealthy individuals in Russia. In 2014, thanks to the participation in the lottery become millionaires 261 people. In 2015, the number had risen to 399, and in 2016 there was a jump and lottery millionaires have become 712 of our fellow citizens. What will be the rate in 2017, we’ll know soon.

Experts argue that state lotteries with no losers, to the benefit of all stakeholders. In the budget of the country regularly receives funds from the sales of lottery tickets – today lists more than 7.5 billion rubles.

Lottery culture is emerging in the eyes, the lottery becomes familiar and understandable family hobby that every day brings prizes more than 200,000 participants, and weekly average 15 of them become millionaires.

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