Wife stars of the “Cruel romance” Dmitry Buzylev: husband require anti-bedsore mattress

Russian actor Dmitry Buzylev is in a Moscow hospital No. 31 in a serious condition. Family finalists: honored poet, composer and screenwriter urgently needed anti-bedsore mattresses.

photo: youtube.com
Dmitry Buzylev with his wife.

As it became known “MK”, 60-year-old Buzylev (he became famous after the film “the camp leaves in the sky”, “Cruel romance”, where Mikhalkov was accompanied by the song “the Shaggy bumblebee”) was admitted to the hospital on October 13. Shortly before he returned from the sanatorium, and soon got sick stomach. Buzylev delayed visit to the doctors, said he planned to finish the script and to participate in the work of the Union of cinematographers (the event is scheduled for October 30). However, health rapidly failed, so his wife Natalia were forced to call an ambulance. Buzylev could not specifically answer the doctors what exactly was troubling him, as, according to him, was “supported everywhere”.

Doctors made a preliminary diagnosis of acute pancreatitis and was hospitalized in the 31-th GKB. Doctors determined the ulcer size of 1 cm and was operated on the man. A few days later, patient developed pneumonia and was hooked up to a ventilator. Light the actor weak ever since the filming of the movie “Gypsies go to heaven”, where I had to lay on the ground, so he caught a cold.

Anyway, with pneumonia the doctors managed to cope Bazyleva soon disconnected from devices, but recently health has worsened again. The doctors asked relatives rushed to buy anti-bedsore mattresses (it costs about 10 thousand rubles), but such money of the actor and his wife-the pensioner no.

By the way, the film Director Nikita Mikhalkov is good to Bosilevo, agreed to pay the upcoming early in the new year operation in Germany (the actor crashed in 2009 during the shooting, doctors removed the hip and one leg shorter than the other). However, on the current situation he knew nothing, and find phone Mikhalkov among the piles of papers on the table, Natalia can’t.

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