Armen Dzhigarkhanyan in the hospital: “there is no place to sleep, Vitalina I will not give anything”

The rumors about the poor state of people’s artist of the USSR Armen Dzhigarkhanyan greatly exaggerated. Stroke, which has already crept conversations, is not in sight. I was convinced by visiting artist and public the main culprit of noise in the 57-th city hospital, 11-th Parkovaya street.

photo: Marina Raikin
Marina Raikin in the house of the great artist.

Have a separate chamber on the fifth floor in internal medicine is a nice young man. His name is Sergei, and he is responsible for the guests to the artist who to let, and to whom the entrance is strictly prohibited. Although, as he admits to me, not fully understanding who is friend and who is foe, but knows his business: from the fans accept flowers, peridotitic journalists rides.

— About you called me and warned. Pass.

Pass. Single room with standard medical kit: bed, table, two chairs, private bathroom. Armen Borisovich just woke up on Wednesday morning when he was going to go out on business from the hospital, he had sugar. Did injections with required drugs and he fell asleep. Now the doctor on duty with a nurse who came to make new blood, says: “it is Now much better”. Go.

Dzhigarkhanyan smiles at me, sits down on the bed, asks, say, how, and complains that it is too patronizing.

— How do you feel, Armen Borisovich?

— Officially say I’m a very healthy person. It is the policy of Vitalina V. — ill to introduce me. She’s illiterate, she’s aggressive. I have the apartment keys from her, and I want to go there to live. I have nowhere to sleep, and I have a wonderful apartment. As each day say to me: “Tomorrow.”

— Where is the apartment?

— Very close. Let’s go with me tomorrow. The main task Vitalina Victorovna — to prove that I’m weak. Don’t even argue with me! And the problem there is very simple: to push in the theatre of dads, moms, they are there to get paid.

— But you yourself her parents at the time took the job.

— I did a lot of things in my life, but today I understand that and I will insist on this: the entire team should be removed from the theater. I speak responsibly. I’m capable, and if I was bad I would not get up, slept and snored. But I Wake up, open your eyes and realize what we need to take the stage, how many performances to release to theatre that says “example”, without shame. Vitalina can not supervise over theatre — she’s at the kindergarten level and toys.

With Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. Photo: social networks

— And yet I do, and generally few people understand: how it all began? Your relationship in the theater seemed to be working, everything was going well…

— She released the performance without asking me, some music, and I don’t need. I want my theatre was capable, and not to the Amateur played the guitar some thing.

— So do I understand correctly that without your permission in the theater were issued the show?

I was sitting at home, all gone. Called the theater, and I say: “Yes, the play begins”.

— It’s just that?

— Yes, since this all started, but so out of line with me. This rot starts. This gang — say you will say. It is not the first time gathers in the theater the whole team and explains how dangerously ill Armen Borisovich. And to persuade you to each showing, even for the average health person. Psyche!

— Here still it is frustrating that this, and previous wife, you have problems.

— Well, what can you say, with their wives I have no luck. Absolutely. Because we look at a woman and think like my hair, eyebrows beautifully drawn… all this garbage. Not to have to watch.

— Vitalina through his representative announced that he would give you an apartment, that one.

— Do not give it anything.

— Why don’t you believe in the good motives in the pursuit of peace?

— I’m ready, but be careful: where I lived, she had already sold the apartment. What are you naive!

— Armen Borisovich, you are so sharp about his wife changed his mind. First you didn’t understand?

And understood and did not understand wanted to change something, hoping for the best in man. Not going to tell you, you don’t want to cry. But one thing I will say: she is not my wife. Don’t want, and no reconciliation will not happen.

— Vitalina thinks to file for divorce.

— Well, good, at least realized. I want my forces enough time to rehearse. Large scale does not overpower — 82. But to be honest, have no right to lie to you: I’m in good shape, head works. Of course, I’m a little slower than they were, but I am very reconcilable man: quickly reconciled, just kidding. But I’m sad.

It seems that the buzz around the family entertainer, raised in the beginning of the week, by the end it begins to subside and even bring good news. In particular, the representatives of both parties expressed a desire to negotiate. Elina Mazur, representing the interests of Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, said that her client is ready to give one-room apartment in a house on Riga. And Arthur Shamanian, an old friend that helps out an elderly actor, agreed that the most important thing now is health Armen Borisovich, therefore, requests the media artist is not to be disturbed.

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