“At the airport in Brisbane for the first time in the world to introduce biometric check-in Luggage

The passengers of the airport in Brisbane from November will register their baggage themselves through a system of analysis of biometric data.

“The world’s first system of automatic baggage with the use of biometrics will be deployed in Brisbane in the next couple of weeks,” said Stephen Challis of SITA during the conference Euro Air Transport IT Summit in 2017 in Hamburg.

Earlier this year in Brisbane, began testing a biometric system of registration of passengers SITA Smart Path.

Upon arrival at the airport the passenger may make a biometric photo on the front self-registration. Data is cross-checked with information in the passport, and, if the operation was successful, the passenger receives a single electronic token (a Single Travel Token), which will be his ID for all future actions at the airport. The whole process eventually takes 20-25 seconds.

The proportion of unsuccessful attempts to create a token does not exceed 13%, the main reason is the poor quality or the incorrect placement of the passport. In addition, some people are distracted during the registration process, why not get a biometric photo.

In the following steps – check-in, bag drop, entry to the sterile area, boarding – passengers do not need to show your passport and boarding pass, the special chamber identified it by a single marker. Thus, the process is simplified and accelerated.

“A person may be the main biometric standard, replacing fingerprints and other indicators,” said Challis. In his opinion, new technologies, including biometric Face ID sensor in the Apple X is likely to accelerate the transition to this standard.

If necessary, you can add other parameters to make it more user-friendly and reliable from the point of view of regulators, said panelists.

According to Challis, at present, biometric data are stored in Brisbane within three hours after the departure of the respective flight. In future it is proposed to develop a common approach to storage and security of such data for the industry as a whole, with individual solutions for individual airports or airlines.

Data analysis Single Travel Token can substantially increase the effectiveness of the different services of the airport, and those elements that allow to identify a specific person, can be washed, retaining only the General settings.

In the near future, self-baggage check-in using biometric data will also appear in a number of airports in the Middle East and North America.

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