Find German archaeologists makes to rewrite the history of mankind

A group of German archaeologists have reported the unique discovery, made in the riverbed of the Rhine in the vicinity of the city Eppelsheim: it’s the idea of teeth similar to the teeth of Australopithecus, such as those that were previously found only in Ethiopia. The finding means the necessity of revision of the entire history of the human species.

Photo: the natural history Museum Mainz

Found teeth, according to DW, dated to 9.7 million years, with similar remains found in Africa (the skeletons of ardipithecus Ardi and Australopithecus afarensis Lucy) date back to 4.4 and 3.2 million years. The Dating of the current findings helped found near it the skeleton of a horse extinct species.

Archaeologists stated that they were very surprised by the finding. To cross-check the Dating of the teeth of the publication of them postponed during the year.

The head of group of archeologists Herbert Lutz said that the discovery “is a huge success, but still a big secret.” “I don’t want to over-dramatize, — he said, — but I suppose that from today we must begin to rewrite the history of mankind.”

A study of the discovery must be published within weeks, from the end of October, the teeth will be on display in the exhibition after which it will become part of the exhibition at the natural history Museum of Mainz.

The place of discovery of the teeth known archaeologist still since 1820, only since 2001 have been revealed 25 fragments of ancient skeletons.

With the opening, may be revised theory that the first humans appeared in Africa, from which it spread throughout the Land.

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