Football, Premier League: Spartak Moscow are not strong enough to “Amkar” after “Seville”

“MK” continues the traditional categories, which not only announced the matches of the nearest round of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL), but given forecasts. Especially for you we have gathered all the useful information about upcoming games in one place: from statistics of personal meetings rivals to the quotations of bookmakers. I hope with our help you will be easier to understand in the pre-match scenario.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

October 21, Saturday

“SKA-Khabarovsk” (Khabarovsk) — Ufa (Ufa)

11.30 (hereinafter time Moscow). Khabarovsk. Stadium. Lenin (-15 capacity 200 seats)

The total value of players: 9 600 000 € / 23 € 750,000

Referee: Sergey Kulikov (Saransk)

Coaches: Alex Poddubsky / Sergei Semak

Leaders: Alexander Putsko / Alexander Belenov

The last meeting in Khabarovsk: 2:2

Total balance: +0=3-3, 3:7

The last 5 matches of SKA in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 5:9

The last 5 matches “Ufa” in the Premier League: +2=1-2, 2:4

Factors of bookmakers: 3,05—2,80—2,45

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: “Ufa” in the last round looked pretty decent in the won match against “Locomotive”, but in Khabarovsk local ” SKA ” almost doesn’t lose. Conduct smashing counterattack guests will be extremely difficult, and not the fact that in the end will manage to score at least once. Team Sergey Semak has slightly more chances to win than the opponent, but the most likely outcome of the meeting is not the draw, if not goalless. Prediction: 0:0

Tosno (Tosno) — “Rostov” (Rostov-on-don)

14.00. Saint-Petersburg. Stadium “Petrovsky” (21 750)

The total value of the players: 14 450 000 / 19 950 000

Referee: Vladimir Moskalev (Voronezh)

Trainers: Dmitry Parfenov / Leonid Kuchuk

Leaders: Anton Zabolotny / Timofei Kalachev

The last meeting on the field of “Tosno”: 1:0 DV (Russia Cup=2015/16)

Total balance: +1=0-2, 2:5

The last 5 matches, winning in the Premier League: +1=3-1, 6:7

The last 5 matches of FC Rostov in the Premier League: +0=1-4, 3:8

Factors of bookmakers: 2,95—2,85—2,45

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: “Rostov” in the fall apparently “floated”, although in the last meeting with “Rubin” in his field looked decent and lost largely because of extremely adverse circumstances.

“Tosno” in his field scored points almost twice less than on the road, and in the upcoming match already cautious opponents will certainly stick to exit the script. Prediction: 1:1

“Rubin” (Kazan) — Dynamo (Moscow)

16.30. Kazan. “Kazan-Arena” (45 105)

The total value of the players: 65 150 000 / 25 650 000

Referee: Kirill Levnikov (Saint Petersburg)

Coach: Kurban Berdyev / Dmitry Khokhlov

Leaders: Sergey Ryzhikov / Alexey Kozlov

The last meeting in Kazan: 4:1

Total balance: +16=10-3, 45:21

The last 5 matches of “ruby” in the Premier League: +1=0-4, 1:4

The last 5 matches of Dynamo in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 2:4

Factors of bookmakers: 1,90—3,05—4,25

Stream: “Our football”

MK: One of the most intriguing matches of the round. Both teams in the past football UIK-end has interrupted an unpleasant series. Well stared in most of the matches Rubin desperately get points by playing and not scoring for almost a month, but in “Chicago” on to victory. Dynamo with the arrival on the coaching bridge Dmitry Khokhlov has been able to score, and win, showing a pretty confident game. Prediction: 1:0

“Spartak” (Moscow) — “Amkar” (Perm)

19.00. Moscow. “Open Arena” (45 360)

The total value of the players: 106 700 000 / 17 300 000

Referee: Paul Kukuan (Sochi)

Coaches: Massimo Carrera / Haji Hajiyev

Leaders: Denis Glushakov Of Russia / Artur Nigmatullin

The last meeting in Moscow: 1:0

Total balance: +16=7-3, 49:21

The last 5 matches of Spartak in the Premier League: +3=2-0, 9:5

The last 5 matches of Amkar in the Premier League: +3=1-1, 5:1

Factors of bookmakers: 1,40—4,15—9,55

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

“MK”: “Spartak” in the historical match against Sevilla was left on the field too much effort. Both moral and physical. Tune in to a great-looking fall, “Amkar” will not be easy, but given that the competitors in the fight for medals will necessarily lose in the upcoming round glasses, simply has no right not to take advantage of the situation. But do not use it. Prediction: 1:1

22 October, Sunday

“Ural” (Ekaterinburg) — “Ahmad” (Ivan)

14.00. Ekaterinburg. The Stadium “Uralmash” (10 000)

The total value of the players: 18 550 000 / 31 230 000

Referee: Alexey Nikolaev (Moscow)

Coach: Aleksandr Tarkhanov / Oleg Kononov

Leaders: Eric Bicfalvi / Rizwan Utsiev

The last meeting in Yekaterinburg: 1:4

Total balance: +4=4-4, 20:20

Last 5 games for Ural in the Premier League: +3=1-1, 7:5

The last 5 matches of “Ahmad” in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 5:6

Factors of bookmakers: 2,55—2,80—2,70

Stream: “Our football”

MK: Not to say that the Urals demonstrate outstanding football, but the team of Alexander Tarkhanov regularly scoring points even in those matches where seemingly doesn’t deserve them. But Oleh Kononov has not yet stabilizes the game as expected, which seriously complicates the forecasting of results of matches with participation of “Ahmad”. On paper the opponents are approximately equal, and the most likely outcome of the match seems a draw, but given the luck that accompanies “the bees”, put on a victory of the home team to one goal. Prediction: 2:1

CSKA (Moscow) — “Zenit” (St. Petersburg)

16.30. Moscow. “VEB-arena” (30 000)

The total value of the players: 82 900 000 / 135 900 000

Referee: Michael Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod)

Head coach: Viktor Gancharenko / Roberto Mancini

Leaders: Igor Akinfeev / Alexander Kokorin

The last meeting in Moscow: 0:0

Total balance: +12=10-16, 43:48

The last 5 matches of CSKA in the Premier League: +3=2-0, 4:0

The last 5 matches of “Zenit” in the Premier League: +2=2-1, 7:3

Factors of bookmakers: 2,80—2,90—2,55

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

“MK”: “Zenith” regardless of results in the Europa League need to be rehabilitated after a sensational defeat in the last round on the home field from Arsenal. Separation from competitors is gradually reduced, and Roberto Mancini will certainly give up the fight all the major powers, perhaps even holding on the bench some of the leaders in Europe.

CSKA also need to save face in front of their fans who are very upset after a dismal defeat red and blue of FC Basel. That loss in fact has deprived of Muscovites of chances to continue to participate in the distribution of permits in the playoffs of the Champions League and where if not in a match with the leader of the Premier League to prove his worth? But with all said forces and capabilities the army is significantly less than rivals. Win a red-and-blue hardly afford, but to defend a goalless draw can get. Prediction: 0:0

“Anzhi” (Makhachkala) — “The Arsenal” (Tula)

19.00. Kaspiysk. “Anji-Arena” (28 000)

The total value of the players: 16 450 000 / 16 850 000

Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg)

Coaches: Vadim Skripchenko / Miodrag Božović

Leaders: Ivan Markelov / Vladimir Gabulov

The last meeting in Kaspiysk: 1:0

Total balance: +1=0-1, 1:1

The last 5 matches of Anji in the Premier League: +0=3-2, 8:13

Last 5 Arsenal games in the Premier League: +3=1-1, 5:3

Factors of bookmakers: 2,40—2,90—2,90

Stream: “Our football”

MK: despite the fact that the opponents are not distinguished by performance, the match can be quite rich in goals. Progress in the game the gunners and FC Anzhi in the last match, visible to the naked eye, both teams trying to play, not to work in the field. So don’t miss to watch this match because of not very bright posters. Prediction: 2:2

October 23, Monday

“Lokomotiv” (Moscow) — “Krasnodar” (Krasnodar)

19.30. Moscow. Stadium “The Locomotive” (28 800)

The total value of the players: 62 750 000 / 80 000 000

Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg)

Coach: Yuri Semin / Igor Shalimov

Leaders: Igor Denisov / Fedor Smolov

The last meeting in Moscow: 1:2

Total balance: +8=1-3, 22:14

The last 5 matches of Lokomotiv in the Premier League: +2=1-2, 5:3

The last 5 matches of FC Krasnodar in Premier League: +2=0-3, 6:5

Factors of bookmakers: 2,35—2,95—3,00

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

“MK”: “Lokomotiv”, who tries to play like FC Krasnodar at the best of times against the “Krasnodar”, who tries to play with Igor Shalimova as the classic “locomotive”. What happens at the output to assume quite difficult. It is easy to imagine a scenario that would lead to zeros on the scoreboard, but scoring option looks fantastic.

The major battle will be in midfield, where opponents have concentrated the main forces. It will be interesting to see how it will handle the Central defence of “railway” Feodor Smolov. Especially if Yuri Semin will once again choose the scheme with two Central defenders. “Krasnodar” after four defeats in a row forced to play to win, but turning into a habit of caution on own gate. Prediction: 1:1


“Zenit” — 28 points. Lokomotiv — 26. CSKA Moskva — 24. “Krasnodar” — 21. “Spartak” — 20. “Ural” — 19. “Ufa”, “Ahmad”, “ruby”, “Arsenal” — 17. “Rostov” — 16. “Amkar” — 15. “Dynamo”, “Tosno” — for 13. SKA — 11. “Anji” — 10.


Alexander Kokorin (“Zenit”) – 8 goals (0 penalty). Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 6 (2). Eric Bicfalvi (“Ural”) – 5 (1)

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