Found a way of dealing with a telephone terrorists: ‘ll scare them with a siren

A new way to win phone of the terrorists, on a whim this fall, which was evacuated dozens of shopping centers and universities in major cities found the staff of power structures. They offered to give the bullies a real psychological attack directly on the telephone.


As explained “MK” a source in law enforcement bodies, protection of offices, schools and other public places from virtual terrorists will help smart technology. It is based on a computer system that allows you to make calls over the Internet using IP telephony and record the content of each conversation. The record will be made on a special server that can store vast amounts of information. It can be put in the office or on a third party site — for example, in the premises of the provider of the Internet connection. Another option for the storage of such data is a virtual “cloud”. This way security officials called the most comfortable and safe, because the server in the event of a real explosion or hostage taking may be damaged or stolen. Each audio recording of the call with threats will be examined by the experts. They will be able to tone of voice to determine the approximate age of the attacker, his nationality and belonging to ethnic communities and even the environment in which the call was made. Moreover, the new technology allows you to literally attack the telephone terrorist. The smart system will be able online analyze it. As soon as the criminal would utter the key word, for example “explosion” or “bomb” on the phone he will hear either high-pitched sounds like sirens, or pre-recorded text with the words that his call log, and behind him left the team.

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