“In Germany was charged with 96-year-old former guard of the concentration camp “Majdanek”

– German prosecutors have charged a 96-year-old German national who allegedly involved in criminal acts in concentration camps during the Third Reich, said on Friday the German newspaper Rheinische Post.

“Based on the information we have available, the accused and other SS members at the camp, knew about the violence and organized mass murder”, – leads edition of the words of prosecutors in the German city of Frankfurt.

“He deliberately and willingly participated in this hidden and brutal acts of violence,” – said the Prosecutor’s office, refusing to call the name of the accused in the interests of the investigation.

According to the German Prosecutor, the accused worked as a guard at the death camp “Majdanek” in Poland in the period from August 1943 to January 1944. Then the accused was 22 years, and his duties included the observation of order in the camp, the newspaper notes.

Information about the date of the upcoming court session is not reported.

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