“In Kyrgyzstan was controversy surrounding the reburial of ancient mummies

– Kyrgyz scientists require archaeology to exhume and return to the Museum the mummy of a woman I-V centuries BC, buried at the end of last week in the Batken region in southern Kyrgyzstan by the decision of the Ministry of culture.

“The decision on burial of the mummy taken by the people who don’t understand the scientific significance and importance of the findings”, – told reporters the head of the Department of archeology of Institute of history and cultural heritage of the National Academy of Sciences Kadicha Tashbaev.

Tashbaev said that she was the only scientist and archaeologist on the Commission, which was formed in the Ministry of culture, who took the decision on the burial of the mummy of a woman who is almost 60 years was kept in the Historical Museum in Bishkek. “The rest were representatives of the interior Ministry, the state Committee of national security, Ministry of culture, the decision about the burial took under pressure from clerics, who believe that according to Sharia the mummy man should be buried,” added Tashbaev.

In addition to the clergy, the burial of mummies also demanded some activists of Kyrgyzstan, arguing that “the spirit of a dead woman is sending a curse in Kyrgyzstan”.

Speaking at a press conference, the archaeologists called the burial of the mummy “deliberate destruction of scientific material and shot in the back of science” and demanded the resignation of the Minister of culture, information and tourism Tugolbay Kazakova. They believe that the mummy could not be buried, as it is a valuable scientific material for research.

In addition, the researchers stated that “we cannot allow the uneducated psychics hindered the work of scientists”.

However, the Ministry of culture, information and tourism announced that the decision on the burial of the mummy of a woman was made jointly by the interdepartmental Commission, as for a long time no research had not been conducted and there are no conditions for its preservation.

“The mummy is preserved and not turned to dust, are required to conduct special procedures of embalming, which was not done for the same reason, lack of skills and necessary funds” – said the Minister of culture of the Cossacks.

He believes the decision about the burial right. The Minister said that scientists will be provided access to the burial site to conduct the necessary research.

Meanwhile, the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev called the burial of the mummy “a big mistake”. “I read on the Internet the news on the road and upset. Some, who consider themselves Muslims forget the prophet’s words. Don’t know how it happened. I, of course, disappointed,” said Atambayev.

The mummy of a young woman found in Leningrad archaeologists during excavations conducted in the Batken region in 1956, a team of archaeologists under the direction of Yuri Baruzdina. After the discovery of the remains of the scientists handed them over to the historical Museum of the Republic, where she remained all these years.

Researchers believe that the find dates from the I-V century ad.

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