In Poland the man made a massacre in a shopping Mall

27-year-old man until for unknown reasons, attacked with a sharp object on the visitors of the shopping center in the Polish city of Stalowa Wola (Stalowa Wola) in Subcarpathian Voivodeship, 200 km from Warsaw. He cut people “blind”, say eyewitnesses. On the floor in the Mall now puddles of blood. It is reported that one woman died and eight people were injured.

photo: a frame from the video

About 15 hours on Friday in a shopping center on Chopin street in the city of Stalowa Wola 27-year-old man was attacked with a knife on the visitors. According to the newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”, at least nine people were injured, six of them seriously.

One of the injured women later died in hospital.

According to the newspaper Rzeszow-news, police arrested 27-year-old man, massacre in the shopping center “Vivo”. The portal also confirmed that one woman died in the hospital.

According to preliminary data, the detainee is a local resident and he acted with a knife.

One of the witnesses described the actions of the suspect: “In the middle of the gallery a madman running around and blindly stabbed with a knife.”

Watch the video on:
“There was video from the scene of the massacre in Poland”


The police also noted that the man acted irrationally. He attacked people from behind and beat them with a knife in the back. Most of the wounded are women. Yet known about one affected male.

While the motives of the crime is not reported. It is only known that the detainee was completely sober. Further examination will show.

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— Rzeszów News (@RzeszowNews) 20 Oct 2017.

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