In South Korea showed movies about the Russian herdsman, the Yakut horse breeders

Ending on the 22nd Busan (once it was called Pusan) international film festival, one of the strongest in Asia, introduced a separate program Yakut cinema and told about the Russian film industry.

Frame from the film “Head.Two ears”. Photo:

In one of the competitions, where there are European paintings, showing of the tape (which is very rare) “Head. Two ears” Vitaly Suslin. Her hero is a cattleman Ivan – sent from the village to the city to work as a guard and becomes a victim of fraud. The main role was played by the shepherd Ivan Lashin from the Voronezh region. He also became a co-writer, as told in the film his personal story. Happy life in the city, which promised neither he nor his hero was never found. The film was shot and the mother of Ivan, by occupation – lumberjack. Used in the movie and the battered truck Ivan.

Vitaly Suslin received a medical education, then studied directing at Karen Shakhnazarov’s VGIK. “Head. Two ears” is his second film.

The festival presented a special program of the Yakut film “Saha movie: the magical World of nature and myths” of the 12 feature-length and short works. Among them – the game “Mappa” Alexei Romanov, Sayylyk Seeds Ermolaeva, “His daughter” Tatiana Verestovo, the documentary film “snow 24” Michael Barynina, shot in the permafrost and telling about the Yakut horse breeders. And the start of the Yakut cinema in Busan were given a year ago, when it showed “Fire in the wind” Dmitry Davydov — Director of a village school in Yakutia.

In the competition program of the Busan film festival also showed “Dislike” by Andrei Zvyagintsev and “Salyut-7” Klim shypenko. A separate event – presentation of the book “Enters producer” Alexander Rodnyansky, which translated into the Korean language Professor Hong Sanguo, constantly coming to Russia, well knowing and understanding our cinema. Now Korean students and filmmakers met with the peculiarities of the film business in Russian, so as to bring the film to the award “Golden globe” and a nomination for “Oscar” in “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev, which was produced by Alexander Rodnyansky.


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