“Kinchev received the Tsarskoye Selo prize

The leader of the group “Alice” was awarded for contribution to Russian rock

The leader of group “Alisa” Konstantin Cinephoto: TASS, Alexander Ryumin

The leader of the rock group “Alisa” Konstantin Kinchev became the winner of the Tsarskoye Selo prize, said Director of the Russian Pushkin Museum Sergei Nekrasov, “Interfax” on Thursday.

“The award ceremony was held yesterday, October 18. Kinchev has brought in his young grandson, with whom we together walked through the Lyceum. As for the ceremony, it went very well and with dignity,” – said Nekrasov.

The leader of the “Alice” won the award for contribution to the culture of Russian rock of the XX-XXI century. The winners of the Tsarskoye Selo prize also became actors Yury Nazarov, Natalya Varley, Irina Mazurkevich and Sergey Losev, Director Svetlana Druzhinina, singer-songwriter Valery Chechet and theatre “actors”. Alexei Vlasov was awarded the prize for the creation of house-Museum of Sergei Dovlatov’s Pushkin hills.

In addition, the Tsarskoye Selo prize was awarded to the representatives of Finland Lisa Hovingham and Liisa, Akimof for the creation of the film “Miracles of the Tikhvin” on the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God.

“It is interesting that on the same day, when we were awarded the filmmakers of the Tsarskoye Selo prize, opened the exhibition of our Museum in Tikhvin. The film is quite open and emotional, but did his people of a different culture, though close neighbours, but a completely different mentality,” – said Nekrasov.

Special diploma of the Tsarskoye Selo prize was awarded to Anatoly Mukasey for cinematography.

The Tsarskoye Selo art prize was founded in 1993. Awarded for his creative contribution to the development of Russian culture and art and strengthening of international cultural relations.

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