“Ministry of foreign Affairs of Finland did not rule out the possibility of joining NATO

– Russia is not a threat to Finland, this Scandinavian state in the future does not exclude its accession to the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Finland Timo Soini, in an interview published Friday in the newspaper “Kommersant”.

“Finland doesn’t feel threatened by Russia and fears nothing. I think it is the General opinion. (…) Between our two countries good relations, and problems do not. (…) But our foreign policy is to all – and, above all, with our neighbours to maintain good relations. We are in the EU, the UN, in Nordic, we have a partnership with NATO and so on,” said Soini.

Answering the question is whether Finland to Sweden, if that will be decided on closer cooperation with NATO, Soini noted that this topic is not discussed either in Helsinki or in Stockholm.

“Neither Finland nor Sweden is now not part of NATO, and, as far as I know, none of our countries is not discussed joining NATO. (…) We should not exclude the possibility of joining NATO. Any country should have such an opportunity, so important to us and open door policy. But the position of the current government of Finland is such that we believe it is irrelevant,” he explained.

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