Olympic pentathlon champion Alexander Lesun: “Options to fly into space?”

His victory at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro a year ago put the beautiful point in the team’s performance — after numerous scandals and suspensions. And every time communicating with Alexander Lesun, I understand that differently could not be. A man of extraordinary charisma, energy, depth of consciousness, in General man-space. No wonder he dreams about space…

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It would seem, well what more can you ask the Olympic champion in modern pentathlon, after which Brazil took apart the molecules? But no, always interesting: and rap battles discussed, and the younger generation, felt sad for the Soviet cinema.

About happiness

A little more than a year, you are the Olympic champion, how much has your life changed?

— It is said that an Olympic medal is absolutely changes your life. Perhaps someone may change, I have nothing unusual had happened.

— You are unlikely to regret what became Olympic champion.

— In any case do not regret it, but that scope that I was expecting didn’t happen.

— Are you still on the base?

— No long ago. In the beginning of 2016 Vyacheslav Markovich (Aminov, President of the Federation of modern pentathlon Russia. — T. A.) helped with the apartment. It is not associated in any way with the Olympic games.

The family moved to Moscow?

— No, they live in Belarus.

— Daughter a little more than five is a wonderful age. Something for themselves already in communication with her celebrating?

— Excuse me, could I’m not going to answer such personal questions? Convinced that the happiness love peace.

About fools and roads

You after the Olympics gave a white BMW, the public interested in the fate of the car?

— Here’s where I’m driving. So on it goes.

— Managed to communicate with employees of traffic police?

Of course, there was a time when they stopped just to look, but it had long since passed.

— When stop, know?

A long time ago did not know yet we the sport is not very popular. And very little about him speak and write. I rarely say that Olympic champion.

— History, when the same players on the road are popular to avoid penalties for any violations, not annoying?

And how popular are the players? That they became Olympic Champions? You know, there are sports and there is football. These are two different things. In my understanding, if you broke the rules, the law, should be held accountable in any way. For me it is strictly.

— Of course, you do not violate?

— In the city. Somewhere on the road can afford to exceed the speed limit because the car and roads allow. In a hurry sometimes…

— 19 km/h you can also legally exceed.

— 19? Then we are not talking about speed talking.

— You are a good driver, not afraid?

— I’ll tell you what’s good, and two minutes later crash. Why do I need karma to strain? The normal driver. In accidents have not yet been. I hope that I will not. It’s a matter of chance, those who are close to you on the road. I had a very wise instructor when I was preparing to pass on the right, he would say: “Remember that on the road all fools. Be afraid everyone!”. And really, I’m a rule often saves.

Then there is a white BMW for you not a means of self-expression on the road?

In General, the car is not a tool of self-expression. It’s a way to get from point A to point B. the only Question is comfort.

— And you something from “Domnikov” installed on the machine already?

— Mounted grille, because that’s where the flying stones. While recently out bird dead got.

photo: From personal archive

About the bread

You now how has become more difficult to set yourself up for competition?

— For me, at some points even easier. The Olympic games are great, cool, but modern pentathlon differs, perhaps, from the many sports that the hard start is still the world championship in individual race. It is for physical activity. And psychology — of course, is the Olympic games. If you are in school Olympiads has passed, everything else becomes easier and easier, at least for me. And again in the modern pentathlon rivals collide head-on only in fencing, the rest are struggling with the water, the horse, with the target — there is a different attitude. So often I fear myself.

— And, perhaps, health? At the recent world Championships you withdrew from the competition from behind.

That is a question for the organizers. They need to understand that big tournaments should be performed at a very high level, otherwise we will be debris such as, for example, at the last world championship in Egypt, where I couldn’t continue the fight.

— And yet what happened?

— First, a terrible track, very soft to walk on it-that is impossible, not to run. First, sand-flour, then a sharp transition to very hard ground, then again the sand is flour. Next: the competition schedule was organized so that we competed for three days in a row — semifinals, day of the fencing and all other types. If there was at least a day of rest, I would have time to recover.

— Hardly out of malice, perhaps, in the interest of economy?

— You know, there are many such pitfalls. I’m still in the sport, it is hard to argue, would be a functionary, would be discussed.

— But let’s imagine the mythical situation: you’ve got to retire from the sport is ready to become a functionary or a coach?

Trainer is still there, because, as practice shows, the high level athlete rarely becomes a mentor of the same scale. I think it is because we too love to wear my shirt for strangers, and not to see the potential in others. And it’s not my idea, life shows. A functionary, Yes, I know how the sport is done from the inside, maybe, to help our Federation would like.

— You’re 29 years for professional pyatibrat a lot or a little? You think when you finish as?

— Yes you that, I still have burning eyes that at least another three years in the sport I want to be, but we’ll see. The main thing that was desire and health.

— At the next Olympics might achieve?

— There are such plans. And not only me — my coaches, the Federation.

About rap battles and Regardie

You regardie a soldier of the rank of senior Lieutenant. Excuse me, is this your initiative, or did it come from?

A long time ago were interior Ministry troops, at first, I served there. Then there was reform, and I was in Regardie.

— They did it already in the form?

— Of course, we had a review of his jacket, as needed. When we were invited by the General of Regardie to the meeting were the informal part and could be a little easier, and when the troops show — only communication on the Charter.

— It is said that men subconsciously like the shape…

I don’t know about the subconscious, but something today’s youth is not particularly eager to get into the army. Here’s another question: initially, the pentathlon is the officer’s sport, it’s a huge tradition, so very nice of jackets, lapels, shoulder straps, I personally get great pleasure.

— They say you write poetry and punk-rock addicted — also out of pure enjoyment?

— About the verse lies, and punk rock — Yes, addicted.

Now gaining popularity of so-called rap battles, follow the theme?

— They’re not and rather indifferent to them. It’s existed since ancient times, since the rhymes — history is cyclical, what to do. And I love the music, not to listen to insults and stories, how awesome it is. Although, I agree that, at 17-18 liked. And, if you remember, the same Alexander Pushkin indulged in this type of format, Sergei Esenin — take them read. People who are somehow fond of literature, well aware that all this is not new.

— After the Kremlin Cup last year, you said that you go to Vladivostok at the international economic forum. This is even more unexpected than to see you in Regardie who are fond of punk rock…

Why? I was invited by the Olympic Committee of Russia, we took part in the program “Olympic patrol”, conducted lessons in schools. Then athletes were just shared thoughts, experiences, how to raise the far Eastern region, which is very important. Not only for sports but for the country, because three Olympics, two winter and one for summer will be held in the Pacific region.

photo: From personal archive

— What are your overall impressions of the Far East?

— In General? I was only in Vladivostok, is a little different — how to compare, say, Moscow and Dubna. And I liked it very much, delight — interesting people, a beautiful city, so much respect, very cool!

— You participate in many different social actions, for example, the charge for MSU students spent… and you, What came to mind?

Actually, I like all, but the fact that now the Russian Olympic Committee does, “Olympic patrol” when we travel to villages and show that we can and are able — I think the most important project. One thing to watch on TV, another when it comes to the school champion.

— Children are interested in? There is no feeling that you and children wormed any blogger to YouTube’s?

— I also thought about it, but the kids really eyes burning. Especially feel it in the regions, and in Moscow interest a little worse, and there is all fine and beautiful. Because the screen history is perceived differently, and then get the opportunity to see live and ask a question.

In 2016 you received the award “Pride of Russia” in the nomination “sportsman of the year”. And if you were given the right to choose? No matter what culture, cinema, politics — who would you choose as the winner?

Culture, cinema and art even will not touch — they have there own kind of mess in which I do not understand anything and do not want. How powerful theatre is as weak movie.

— Well, of course, but today’s popular films — “Arrhythmia”, “Dislike”… All discussed.

— Listen, and let us remember that we have filmed in the Soviet Union. Today no film has achieved an Oscar, only in Soviet times, “Moscow does not believe in tears”. What are we talking about? And “Love and pigeons”? I think that cinema on which I grew up, it was bigger, something deeper. But of course this is the opinion of a layman…

As for politics, it is difficult to talk about it. Call of Vladimir Putin — someone will misunderstand. Say laurels — the same thing. A slippery issue. And what about the “athlete of the year”… in fact, my win surprised me — I was expecting to be Roman Vlasov, the wrestler, two-time Olympic champion. He was nice to me and as an athlete and as a person. When you talk to him, understand that this is a man of character, block, and this offense will not give.

About space

— Last question: you are still dreaming fly into space?

— Of course, but you have options? Recently, the American company has released a new trend, and it is already popular — funeral in space.

— Alexander, you are still with the sport is not finished, and so far already look.

In any case I someday get there.

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