“Phenian rejected the intention to negotiate with the US on nuclear weapons

– The United States will have to accept the nuclear status of Pyongyang, said the Director of the Department of North America of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK Choi sung Hee.

“North Korea is not going to negotiate on nuclear weapons, and the United States have to get along with the nuclear status of the DPRK,” she said at a nonproliferation conference in Moscow.

“This is necessary in order to preserve stability and security on the Korean Peninsula and in northeast Asia,” added Choi sung Hee.

“The current situation strengthens us in our understanding that we need nuclear weapons in order to repel possible attacks,” she said.

The DPRK foreign Ministry also said Pyongyang will take retaliatory action conducted by the US and its allies the exercises in the Korean Peninsula.

“We pacify Americans and answer fire with fire,” said Choi sung-Hee.

“We have nuclear weapons and missiles, but we’re not going to use them in cases where there is no threat to us. Our weapons are designed to defend the Homeland from the constant nuclear threats from the United States,” she said.

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