“Police in Los Angeles launched an investigation against Harvey Weinstein

Who wished to remain anonymous Italian actress has accused a producer of the rape

– Police in Los Angeles said that began an investigation in respect of producer Harvey Weinstein suspected of sexual harassment and rape, reported on Thursday, the Los Angeles Times.

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The police reported that he had interviewed a possible victim of Weinstein, without revealing her name. The Los Angeles Times said that 38-year-old Italian actress and model. According to the publication, her testimony concerned an incident that occurred in 2013-m to year at Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles. Weinstein, who she had met only once, against the will of the actress entered the room and raped her. The woman said that she begged the producer to let her go, showing him pictures of the kids and the mother, who then took a course of chemotherapy.

Before leaving, Weinstein said she was very beautiful and could work in Hollywood. “He behaved as if nothing had happened,” said the victim. After this incident, the producer even invited her to parties held at his home.

Despite the fact that earlier evidence against Weinstein gave five women the last case is for him the greatest danger from a legal point of view. All other incidents happened over 10 years ago, which may allow Weinstein to avoid criminal liability.

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